Thursday, December 10, 2009


December 2oo9 is soon to close. God be willing that we all have a wonderful,
healthy and prosperous New Year to come.

I hope that the world community will take time out to reflect on the greater
purpose of life as we know it an learn to understand each other a little
better than we currently do.

Heres to the hope that we learn to be more tolerant to others who are
different in there ways, means & cultures.

We were all set upon this world with Equality an Love. But it is man kind
which chooses the en-equalities an hatred that pollute our very existence.

It is written "Blessed Be The Peace Makers" they will be the children of God.

That peace must be cultivated in oneself, so please my world family reflect
with your inner heart for the profound understanding.

A gift waiting for the taken. A gift for you from the father of all of us.....

Lets pray that our leaders gain the wisdom an the right understanding in
in the policies that they mandate.

In ending war we must learn to end the war that's in our hearts. That's where
the Jihad or the real holy war is seated.

Oh! lets not forget to be respectful in what we do within our personal family structures
and local communities which is the backbone of what translates on the world stage......

Lets all come together an sing a song of Love & Peace...Butch Leake


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Poetic Brilliant Fantastic... There are so many ways you can describe this film.

One thing for sure the world has missed out on one helluva concert.

Michael Jackson has raised the bar to levels in this film that is an inspiration and a
challenge to any striving artist who really wants to be great in this business of music.

From the out set you see a man who is totally in control of what he wants to do an see in
what was to be his come back and final concert appearance.

The first concert rehearsal movie ever, filmed on the stage at the O2 Arena in London is fill with performers, musicians, choreographers, crew members and craftsmen, but the movie's focus throughout is on Jackson.

You understand what it takes to attain such dizzying heights in entertainment.

Michael the genius as he is chisels an carves away in his search for this beautiful
concert surrounded with the theme of love. (SURELY A MASTERPIECE IN THE MAKING)

There are split scenes where Michael is performing in different out fits to the same song.

In front of a Sony green screen 11 male dancer are transformed into 11million.

Michael in another scene in the movie during his performance of the song "Smooth
Criminal" is shot in black & white in a gangster roll with the late actors
Susan Haywood, Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart.

Kenny Ortega the director of the stage show, has put together this movie from 120 hours of digital video footage -- for which Sony reportedly paid $60 million.

Following Tuesdays premieres, the film has opened on more than 3,400 domestic screens along with 96 in Imax theaters and another 27 internationally for a two-week run. That run will be extended if demand is there.

This is a must see film if you are a Jackson fan. A fine tribute to a man much misunderstood.


Monday, October 26, 2009


Sunday Oct 25th marked another closing season with the Central Park Dance Skaters
with there annual Holloween skate party In New Yorks Central Park.

Though somewhat less attendance this year the skating merry makers jammed
through the day with a score of DJs at the helm bringing there different styles
of music mixture to the scene......

The skaters came in a variety different costumes to liven up the event as spectators
gathered on skaters road to witness the merriment.

Tyrone addressing the crowd...

The Bear Miyuki/Jeff



The skating bash is hosted every year by the C.P.D.S.A. an begins early in the
spring thru the 3rd week in Oct.

Watch for more photos on the event over on facebook.....


Sunday, October 25, 2009


October 22nd thru 24th saw the annual pdn Photoplus international conference expo
at the Javits Center New York.

Every year this most important event in the photographic an imaging industry gather
to to share, meet and conference about new technologies.

All the leading manufacturers Nikon, Canon, Sony, Kodak were on hand discussing
an showing off there latest camera and equipment upgrades.

There were lectures, seminars, and hands on training in many of the areas of photography.

Photographic professionals displayed some of the finest photo art from around the world.

The Sik Wedding by Liz Hingley.

The Abore Tribe Ethiopia by Hamish Gregory........

Before the Dance by Gina Carnazz..........

NY Photographer Lola Flash promotes affiliate photo journal Nueva Luz.......

A host of graphic, Photoshop an lighting specialist were on hand giving instructions
on the ends & outs of the business......

Truly one of the best events annually in New Yorks Big Apple........


Monday, October 12, 2009


Once again the ugly side of politics in America raises it's hand as critics and hawks
spit there venom against the President Of The United States.

In the latest round of Obama bashing, the Haters have taken aim at his recent
Nobel Peace Award.

There is nothing this man can do, say or just happen to be part of that isn't
up for stone throwing.

Truth is truth the haters do not want the president to win anything that has
peace attached to it while we are in the middle of a war in Afghanistan.
Particularly when the generals want 40,000 troops or more as generals always want.

Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) head of the intelligence Committee, said the US
would be in "Serious jeopardy" of losing the war if Obama failed to meet the
request of Gen Stanley McCrystal for major troop buildup to the current level
of 67,000 men.

On the other end in London, Secretary of State Clinton slammed the Bush Administration
conduct of the Afghan war in defending Obama's lengthy decision-making process.

During the Vietnam war Gen. William Westmoreland wanted 100,000 more troops
from Lyndon Johnson until he finally said know but he kept pushing for the troop
buildup which he called 550,000 the "minimum essential force" and 670,000 the "optimum".

Westmoreland said he could finish the job in three years, well history has already
answered that issue.

Now the Nobel Peace Prize has become more trivial because the rest of the world
feels he deserves it.

He didn't ask for it, an the many more problems that it brings to his table.

Oh! what about the president of the world, he didn't ask for that either.

The other guy before him wanted that.

Well now where are these troops to come from with our military over stretched
as it is. There is something called the draft an you know, you haters it will be your
sons and daughters who will fill some of those ranks. We will see how you like that.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


For those of you who have yet to notice, we are on Twitter the latest in the social
networks which has taken the world by storm.. (Title Link)

Twitter is one of the faster growing social interacting sites around where one may connect
with friends, associates and the world through simple micro blogging.

Corner Talk Report as many of you know is the information hub for Butch Leake
Entertainment & Productions an his network of sites and associates.

On the side of the page you can find important links to the social world such as
Facebook, Myspace and Friendfeed which one may subscribe to for continuous updates
as they become available.

Coming soon..... The Legacy Of The 70s website featuring the music of Roger Greenway
highlighting the Bell Recording years and the continuing legacy of The Drifters.

New videos, pictures, news highlights and productions from Butch Leake Entertainments....
To include internet TV broadcast an streaming.......


Thursday, September 10, 2009


President Obama rips the GOP an those that have been on a campaign to
derail his health care plan.

He made his appeal to Congress an the nation last night to revive his troubled
young presidency and crusade to give health care to all Americans.

It was a dark moment that showed the depth of the divide an the the partisan politics
being played out between the parties.

The President having to confront critics from all around him has to meet the challenge
of pleasing conservative Democrats who fear he will do to much and Republicans
who are crying doom.

In his speech he said he was the first President to take up the cause an he is
determined to be the last President to do so.

With a gloomy look on there faces, the GOP sat there listening as he spelled out his

South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted, "You Lie" at the President.

Still insisting he will heal the partisan divide, Obama lashed out at the GOP who
he blames for distorting the debate and staking the future on defeating reform.

The truth is those who seek to derail the President, just haven't come to terms
that he has out classed them on every level since before and after coming to office.

The GOP has never had a sound agenda or a candidate that could bring one forward.

This talk of socialism coming from the right is just another diversion created to
try an derail his election promises.

Change for Washington is a hard nut to swallow for those politicians who have been
entrenched in the old way for so long.

"I will not waste time with those who have made calculation that it's better politics
to kill this plan, than improve it" he vowed.

"if you misrepresent what's in the plan we will call you out"

He said he understood how difficult the health care debate has been an know that
many in the country are deeply skeptical that Government is looking out for them.

Obama admitted saying it would be safer to delay reform......

We did not come to fear the future; we came here to shape it.....


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Recently The Drifters and The Drifter Legend got together for a prestigious
show at London's o2 Arena Celebrating 55Years that the Drifters organization
has been going....

It featured the current lineup of members under the Treadwell Organization
an featured former lineup members from days gone by......

Lifetime achievement awards were presented by Neil Martin of Sony Music
along with writer Roger Greenway to Butch Leake an Joe Blunt from the
70s lineup of the group...

It also marked the first recording from the group in over 30 years......

Absent from the Legends lineup was Bobby Hendricks of the Clyde Mcphatter
days who could not attend because of illness in the family.....

Photo: The Drifters and Legends in photo op back stage dressing room.......

For info Log into the official drifters website by clicking on the title above.....



What a great leader we have here in these United States.....

What more can be said about a president who has the courage an the humbleness
to admit when he has made a mistake an except full responsibility for what ever
actions he has taken.

This is a far cry from the days of former president an politicians who for nothing
else remain in self denial about most of there action....

President Barack Obama has shown once again that he is a president for the
people an by the people over a resent statement made seemingly maligning the
Cambridge Police department in there arrest of Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates.

It's sad that critics who have nothing else to do but try an prolong an issue that
parties envolved are trying to get behind them....

Issues of race like the issue of guns in the United States will for ever raise it's
ugly head.

Yes things do get out of hand, so the nature of a country who's very existence
has been embroiled in these kinds of things since it's birth......

For to long in this country, race issues have just been tucked away in the
closet with know one standing up with the courage in tackling this scourge.

So what it being a local issue an the President of the United States weighing in
even though choosing his words in an uncalibrated way, still shows that we are
all part of this united family here an it will take all of us to sort out the worst of
of our problems.

For more details on the issue click on the title above........


Saturday, July 11, 2009


What ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? If that was ever really
the case here in the United States..

With Rep. Peter Kings recent recent tirade against the late Michael Jackson, on
the day which was for the most part a sad an somber event for many people
on the planet.

We are reminded that the so called ideals of this country in many ways are just
a shame....

Politicians will go at any length to raise there political agendas.

The dead can't defend themselves, but you can be sure the living can....

The voice of the people will root you out Mr King and all of those who think
like you.....

What is it when we take some ones death to increase our own media coverage.

For all the good things this young man has done around the world are we to
forget it as if it never happened.....

If one was to say you are a bigot, would be unfair if there was know proof to
the so called allegation....

The same in the OJ Simpson case one was guilty before proven of any fact.

One has the right to his or her own opinion but theres a thing which we call being
tactful. Or some might say politically correct.....

Just remember you reap what you sow in this world of cause an effect. (NEVER FORGET THAT)


Monday, June 29, 2009


Recently at London's Indigo o2 Arena Lifetime Achievement Awards presented by Neil Martin of Sony Music to The Drifters Legends, to recognise the contribution that the Drifters made to the Bell Arista Label. Receiving the awards were Butch Leake an Joe Blunt Original members of the 70s lineup of the Drifters.

On hand were writer Roger Greenway who wrote an co wrote some of the most popular
hits of the period such as Kissin In The Backrow of the Movies, Down on the Beach tonight,
There Goes My First Love and Your more Than a Number In My Little Red Book.

Neil pointed out that..... The Drifters are now well into their sixth decade delighting audiences around the world. They have enjoyed remarkable success in their career, selling well over 200 million singles and well over 100 million albums."

The Show was produced by the Prism Music Group an Promoted by London's Kennedy Street
and Martial Arts.......

The show featured the current Drifters lineup With Maurice Cannon, Steve King, Michael
Williams and Damion Charles and featured Butch Leake, Joe Blunt and Wolf Johnson of
The Drifter Legends.....

For more information on this prestigious night go to or click on
the title link above......


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The current vocal exchange between Washington an North Korea has
reached a new high as the North Korean Gov't threatens massive retaliation
if the US infringes on there sovereignty.

This coming after President Obama said that a nuclear-armed North Korea
posed a grave threat to the world.

At a recent news conference both President Obama an South Korean
president Lee Myung-bak said they would vigorously pursue an end
to North Korea's nuclear program.

The North Korean's have said in no uncertain terms that "The nuclear
programme is not the monoply of the US"

This latest commentary from Pyongyang comes on the heels of the 25
May underground nuclear test and recent missiles launches.

It has been reported by Japanese and South Korean media sources
that tere were signs of two long-range missile launch sites being
readied on the north-west coast and the other on the north-east coast.

The North Koreans are also withdrawing it's fund from banks in the
chinese territory of Macau and elsewhere before it can be frozen by
UN sanctions according to South Koreas Dong-a Ilbo newspaper..

The UN security council approved tougher sanctions against the North
to include inspections of ships carrying banned cargo, also a wider ban
on arm sales and measures to stop Pyongyang's access to international
financial sources...

So now where are we? since implimenting those resolutions the North
threatend it would begin enriching uranium and use all it's plutonium
for nuclear weapons...

This is sure a slap at the Obama administration to test it's resolve in
this matter an it's pursuit along deplomatic and peaceful means...


Friday, June 5, 2009


President Barack Obama has once again given one of those great speeches
that will be recorded in history as a defined moment in time.

His speech was given in a country that is as old as the sands of time where
much of the worlds profound wisdom an knowledge has sprung.

Where Greek philosophers sat at the feet of the masters of math, writing, medicine,
astronomy and building.

His speech a message of peace had mix opinion among many in the middle eastern world,
but it was a message of balance an measure.

"The concept of peace was born in the Middle East and constitutes the cornerstone of all three monotheistic faiths -- Christian, Jewish and Muslim -- and it is incumbent on the people of Abraham to unite to meet the challenge and together realize the vision of a sustainable peace in the Middle East," he said.

Speaking from Cairo Egypt his speech focused on seven key points: Violence & Extremism,
Israel & Palestine, Nuclear weapons & Iran, Democracy & Human rights, Religious
Freedom, Woman's Rights and Economic Development & Opportunity.

The president highlighted that Americas policy will align with those who pursue peace.

Quoting from the Koran, Torah and New Testament he pointed to the diversity among
the people of the book and Blessed be the Peace Makers they will be the children of God.

On key points such as the Israel-Palestine problem he pointed out that Palestinians
must stop resorting to violence in pursuit of there goals and that the US has
requested a freeze on settlements in Israel.

President Obama reinforced the message that ending the occupation and establishing a viable and independent Palestinian state was in the mutual interest of Palestinians, Israelis and indeed the entire world.

Further the President pointed out to promoting a broad educational exchange program
between Islamic countries and the US.

Still there are those who will not embrace what he has envisaged weather here in the
US or the middle east as the leaders of Al Qaeda have said there can be no peace
until the US stops aligning with Israel.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Drifters will release there first single in over 30 years.

The current lineup will release a version of Sir Elton Johns Sacrifice with
proceeds to be donated to
UK based HIV+/AIDS Charity MildMay.

MildMay have pioneered care and treatment for HIV+AIDS patients in the UK and overseas for the last two decades and the charity leads the world in the treatment and rehabilitation of HRBI (HIVRelated Brain Impairment) at their East London Hospital, which is well known for the famous visit of the late Princess Diana.

The Sacrifice track Produced by Shaun Lowe at Neon Records will be officially released on the 28th of June to coincide with The Drifters featuring The Drifters Legends Show at the Indigo 02 Arena.



Monday, May 11, 2009


Recently published a new blog highlighting the Ancient Egyptian spiritual
concepts of life.

Hetep Circle discussions will contain much information on
aspect of the Egyptian religion that are not in the mainstream views
of Egyptology, religious org. and historians.....

Truth is Truth for those who are capable an willing to lift the veil of
ignorance and see the errors of there ways....

The site invites all comments and followers who are interested in the
other story.

Hetep Circle is at


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's official the show of the year.... The Drifters featuring Drifters
Legends are to performs at London UK Indigo 02 Arena Sunday
June 28th 09.

The show will feature Legendary members from the Golden Periods
of the Drifter Legacy...Bobby Hendricks/Atlantic Era, Butch Leake, Joe Blunt/
Bell-Arista Era and Wolf Johnson..

London ticket sale start this Friday....

For more info go to or click on the head
title above.....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well 2008 was a world wind year traveling to Europe and around the Americas.
It was great to be back on stage in the UK before the fans I know so well and
reliving some of the nostalgia from the days with the Drifters....

It was a special honor working with the new lineup of drifters for this day an time.

Looking forward to 2009, as we are working on some new an surprise projects
surrounding the Legendary Group an name.

The British fans are a special breed of people who are some of the most supportive
people on the planet and I hold them close to my heart....

This year we have reached out to former legends of the group to work on some
new development Ideas to move into the future which will feature the Drifters
Legends with the Drifters on a show at the Indigo 02 Arena in London Sunday the 28th

To compliment this show Atlantic will release a compilation album featuring
songs from 50s, 60s, 70s and some new song for 2009.

Also on the cards is a possible world tour with both groups.

PMG entertainment UK has been instrumental in re-branding the name and bringing it back to it's former glory...

I for one am happy to be back on board with an entity that I have put much of my life into.....

For many of the fans out there as you know there has been much controversy
around the group an who's really who..
Know this that if you see a group and it has not been commissioned by Treadwell
it is not a legitimate act....

This is not to say that former legends of the Drifters are not legit, it's just that
if they are working as The Drifters and are not covered by license they are
infringing someones owned property.

Also beware of those who claim to had been legitimate Drifter lineup members..

Over on youtube you will see many Drifter videos with lineups claiming
to be the legitimate article. Do your research... The official site for the Drifters
is at

Currently PMG entertainment control the worldwide licensing of the Drifters
name and Treadwell are the rightful owners of the Drifters service mark....


Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Five Decades & Moore Drifters Tour which began in the early part of the year is doing well with sell out audiences.

The tour honors much of the work of the late Johnny Moore lead
singer of The Drifters who passed away in 1998.

The current lineup of Drifters are Steve V. King, Maurice Canon, Michael Williams and Damion Charles....

The Drifters are currently under licensed through PMG entertainment UK

For more info on the tour go to


Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday was palm Sunday.... What a great day it turned out to be
as skaters gathered for there first spring day skate blast up at
Central Parks Skaters Road.

The usual suspects were there showing off there skills in this all season event.

Music was played by Dj Jay Steward, long time DJ for the Central Park

The crowds were out in droves to see the skaters do there thing and to bring in the skating season.....

In about a week the official skating season will open hosted by the
Central Park Dance Skaters Association


Thursday, March 26, 2009


The Legendary Atlantic Bell/Arista group is currently in it's 55th year as an
entity. A dynasty which started in early 1953 an has endured these many years
as one of the most unusual music stories in the history of musical entertainment.

Spawned by the vision of George Treadwell an Ahmet Ertegun and the 1953
original lineup of Clyde McPhatter, Bill Pickney, Andrew (Bubba) and Gerhart Thrasher.

The Drifters have had over 60 or more members who have grace it's lineup
over the past 55 years. Some more significant than others, those that made it
to records, books, television an other media and those who never saw the light
of day pass one show or so.

The Drifters an it's organization have had three golden periods and 5 significant
lineups throughout it's history.

Currently there are a handful of Original members respective of the eras they
came in who are still around.

Bobby Hendricks, Johnny Terry, Ben E King, Charlie Thomas, Rick Sheppard
Butch Leake, Clyde Brown, Joe Blunt and Billy Lewis.

These men are some of the Legends that are still with us....

In the UK a new group which you can say will bring in with success, the forth
golden period under the Treadwell family name who owns the service mark,
are performing to sell out audiences and are set to release some new songs
for this period....

It was during the early 70s that Faye Treadwell the Widow of the Legendary
George Treadwell brought then the line up of Johnny Moore, Butch Leake, Bill
Fredricks and Grant Kitchings to the UK and signed with the Bell/Arista label.

That signing spawned the Hits "Kissin in the Backrow of the Movies, "There
Goes My First Love" "Love Games" "Like Sister And Brother" Which topped
the British and European charts throughout the 70s.

After 1974, there were to be replacements for the original Bell group with
Clyde Brown replacing Bill Fredricks and Billy Lewis replacing Grant Kitchings.

At the end of 1975, Butch Leake is replaced by Joe blunt.

It was the linup of Johnny Moore, Clyde brown, Joe Blunt and Billy Lewis
that are noted for "More Than A Number In My Little Red Book"

After this period a number of replacement were in an out up through the 90s
with Johnny at one period attempting a new solo career which was short lived.

Both Bill Fredricks an Butch Leake went on to solo careers in the UK and Europe.

Grant Kitchings returned to the United States an joined the Legendary Ink Spots.

After a number of legal battles in the USA & UK. The Drifters LLC is owned by the original Treadwell family Headed By Tina Treadwell the daughter of Faye and George Treadwell.

The World wide Licensing right is controled by PMG Music & Entertainment UK.

For more information go to or click on the title above
who's who with The Drifters.........

Butch Leake.........


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's that time again...... Meaning the roller skating seasons begins at Central Park
next month. This is the annual bash that takes place weekends an holidays from around
the second week in April thru October hosted by The Central Park Dance Skaters Asssociation.

This event is one of New York's advertised fun things to do when visiting the big Apple
during the spring an summer season and it's free.

For more infomation go to or click on the title above.......


Friday, March 13, 2009


Soon to be posted, a new website "The Legacy Of The 70s" dedicated to the history of
the Original Bell Recording Group The Drifters authored by Butch Leake soul surviving
member of the original lineup. The group pass, present and future has been an on going
story with much controversy, yet one of the most interesting subjects in the history
of musical entertainment. The current lineup under the guidance of PMG entertainment
England is the latest in official Drifter lineups spawned by the Treadwell music family, the
owner of the service and trade name. Why the Legacy Of The 70s? The 70s was a pivotal
point in the revival of the act which went into decline towards the end of the 60s. It was
in the early 70s, which happened to be the third golden era that management signed with
the Bell Arista group which produce a series of hit songs which topped the British an
European music charts during this period. Drifter fans world wide huddle on social sites
on the internet and discuss stories about there favorite Drifter lineup. The attempt here
is just to create a down to earth link to authentic Drifter Histology, hosting interviews,
comments and data on this great music dynasty.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


When will it end? Thats the question everyone is asking in this 20th day of of fighting
between the warring factions, Israel and Hamas. Both parties in this conflict have ignored
demands from senior goverment officials to stop the fighting, as the civilian casualities continue to rise...

Gaza continues to burn as Israel comes under scrutiny for using white phosphorus weapons
in this war which are forbidden when there is a condensed civilian population as in gaza.

These sort of weapons were used in Vietnam by US personel with devastating results
and are questionable when civilian population is at risk.

In this current middle east conflict, Israel has a right to defend it self as a nation of people
who are under attack by it's adversaries, but the underline issue here is the measurement
of her responce to the aggression and does it meet criterior under international law.

The Israel/Palestinian problems are age old. Israel is an occupying force and has been
over the pass forty years or more.

Anyone who knows the history of the region will agree to that...but as usual the facts
of history are pushed under the rug and revised to suit the current status of todays
political agendas.

The middle east issues will never truly be settled until the real historical question are


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In a recent post on Blogcatolog it has been suggest that Butch Leake in an early posting
on the history of the Drifters had commited some form of plagarism on a work reportedly
by Tony Allan relating to a book he wrote on the early history of the group.

Specifically in his own words he states he was the first ever to list early Drifter recordings.

It must be said that this drifters story is one of the most recorded stories
world wide. There are currently over 195,000 biographical listings on the world wide
web alone.

Many of these listings are very detailed as they were ascertained by interviewing former
members past and present.

It is in this understanding that most of what is reported in Mr Allans book was shaped by
the former Drifters management an though it has historical value, it does not paint an
absolute accurate picture of the history or of the truth.

A matter of fact many publications have been reporting on the 50s vocal group since the very early 70s and carried much more detailed biographies and discograph listings long before publication in this book which if we are correct was first published in 1994.

Drifter recordings are a matter of historical record. To say one does not have access
or knowledge of them is incorrect thinking on this authors part.

In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel,, slander, and vilification) is communication
of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that
give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image.

Slander refers to a malicious, false and defamatory spoken statement or report, while
libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images......

Mr. Allan claims there were large parts of his book used on the site? is this accusation
in part, because he thinks of himself as the only legitament writer comissioned by the

Drifter management?

A further fact is my research and writing matters started long before this book or a T. Allan
was ever known and because his work may be listed under some title I might have on the
internet as far as similarities does not mean I lifted his material. Thats the way information
is logged on the web...


Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year, with all the problems we have on the home front with the economy,
the year begins with with a bang. A new conflict begins in the Middle East with two
old advarsaries Israel and Hamas. The new american administration has it's work
cut out to try and broker an on going peace in the region which has thus far been
impossible to do. At this current writing Israel has amassed it's tanks and troops
on the border in preparation for a ground assault on Gaza which seems to be
imminent.... Are we in a further meltdown as far as US foreign relations? Or can the
new Obama administration broker a workable plan for the region.....