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Both Egyptian and Sumerian/Babylonian cultures were star gazers,astrologer, Mystic and priest etc. There cultures were based on the study of nature and the order of the heavens. These observations went on for thousands of years much longer than what modern science and today's organized religious bodies would like to reveal..

So the phrase as you might read in these text: (as above so below, On earth as in heaven) there culture,edifices, temples, monument, pyramids etc. embodied the reflection of the natural order of things....

The people who fashioned both the old testament and The Koran were the Hyksos Shepherd Kings pharaohs who lived in the delta area of Egypt in and around the 18th dynasty under the pharaoh Akhenaton who started monotheism...These were your so called Jews of the bible who came out of Egyptian captivity. They migrated to both the Sinai region and into Yemen. These people were the authors of both eventual text....

For the most part there is no real record that there was any migration of people under the tyranny of pharaoh that fit a true time line under the biblical record reported in the bible.

According to historians, Egyptologists place the exodus at the time of Ramesses II (c. 1280 BC),
which is some 400 years later than the era which Jacob decribes..

There is very persuasive arguments that the biblical Moses was, in fact the Egyptian pharaoh

Akhenaton reign was still 300 years later than the reign of pharaoh Jacob..

In looking at the era of Jacob we can see there is a documented historical biblical exodus,
but also a documented Hyksos exodus from Egypt... A very large event with some 24,000
families fleeing Egypt according to the historian Manetho who gave one of the most accurate
records of the Egyptian dynastic kings list...

Genesis of which most think is the creation of the heavens and earth story is really "the coming forth by day" wrongly call the Egyptian Book Of the Dead.

It is the story which depics the rising of the (Sun) not the (Son) that Christians try to propagate which the Egyptian observed daily.

This rising of the Sun is the central mystery in all what you read in these text that they try to hide.... It was the Egyptians and Sumerian/Babylonian who invented the calendar based on the Zodiac the 12 houses in astrology.... So the symbolism of the 12 deciples that you see in the Jesus stories and much more throughout both the old and new testament, Koran and many of the other religious text weather in India, China etc....

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time born, and a time to die; a time to plant and time to pluck up what is planted,,,(Ecclesiastes 3:1-2)

The Gnostics knew the allegorical and astrotheological nature of the life of Christ" as admitted by Christian father Irenaeus which was at the root of their denial of the "historical" Christ Irenaeus said:

"The Gnostic truly declared that all the supernatural transactions asserted in the gospels were counterparts of what took place above." The bible is the greatest astrological/astronomical text and story ever told. The worship of the Creators heaven.....


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Here is a brief collection of some of the paintings by the Artist....

Fine illustrations in pastels done over the years featuring the
many looks of The Drifters as they evolve over the years
since 1953....

Most of these art samples, paintings and photography's by the artist
can be downloaded over at Payloadz by clicking on the Payloadz
link to the right.....


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Butch Leake & the Drifters
The Drifters "Glasgow Scotland" 2009

The Drifters as you know are in their 6th decade with an incredible record
of 200 thousand singles and 100 thousand albums sold to date....

The history of this legendary group and organization has been a product
of much mis-understanding filled with facts and laced with myth.

To the mom and pops of the early 50s the Drifters came and went with
the group headed by the late crooner Clyde McPhatter along with Bill
Pickney and the Thrasher brothers....

Yet with the success of those years this was not the lineup which was
responsible for many of the memorable hit songs that we are accustomed
to associating with the Drifters.

In looking at the act on the surface you might say there were five significant
groups from 1953 through the mid 1970 which were responsible for
most of the known hit songs on both sides of the Atlantic...

In all of that there were more than 60 singers that have come through
the lineups ranks.

The single most mainstay individual being Johnny Moore who passed away
in 1998.

The other mainstay the Treadwell family who have held the rights to Drifter
trademark since the early 50s.

Much of the formula which was the mainstay of the group was situated in
the lead singers in the early years Mcphatter, Moore, Lewis, and King. and to
complimented and lock in the sound Pickney, the Thrasher Brothers, Terry, Thomas,
Piersen, Green, Hobbs, Fredricks, Sheppard, Leake, Kitchings, Brown and Blunt..

For the most part the magic which you might say that made the act what it was to
become was in the impromptu style that could only be understood by those who were
close to it's inner workings.

Non like other acts who had a manufactured polished approach to there performances.

The Drifters for the most part was very improvised and free in it's style..

Known much for it's simple choreography but flair in individual dancers like Butch Leake
and Rick Sheppard who top the act in dance moves during the latter 60s and early 70s.

It was in this improvised approached that the group became so notorious in it's smooth
and high energy on stage.

Today we are in a new era with the Drifters for a new and younger generation and also
for the older generation 35 and up we have the Drifters Legends.

Both groups under the direction of PMG (Prism Music Group UK) continue in the
tradition of the 56 year year history of the organization owned by the Treadwell

For more information on both The Drifters and The Drifters Legends log into or


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From left to right- Rick Sheppard/Joe Blunt/Butch Leake

June 14 2010 Drifters Legends Rick Sheppard, Joe Blunt and Butch Leake
came together for a reunion at the New Yorker Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

For those who are unfamiliar with The Drifters history these three men
are the link between two of the Golden periods of the Drifters history...

It was in 1972 that the Drifters then under the management of Drifters
incorporated left the original home Atlantic records and signed with UK
Record company Bell/Arista.

It was in early 1970 that Butch Leake replaced Rick Sheppard who was featured in
the 60s lineup to bring in the next golden period of the group.

Christmas 1975 Butch Leake leaves the group to embark on a solo career and
in steps Joe Blunt to carry on the Bell/Arista years.....

Recently in 2009 both Butch and Joe received Life Time Achievement Awards
from Sony Music for there contribution to the Bell/Arista Label during the 70s.


Saturday, June 5, 2010



Belief is the psychological state in which and individual holds the
proposition or premise to be true.

The truth is that much of what we claim to be true
gospel so to speak lacks credible evidence within
general understanding of the subject matter in focus.

History as a prime example is a discipline which is the underlining factor
of who and what we are as beings on this planet we call earth.

It contains a number of disciplines which sociology
leads in in establishing the evidence which is
crucial in ascertaining factual stability.

Looking at religion as another example, belief within these disciplines has
been one of the most degenerating factors in human
suffering since ancient times......

Though the underlining factor in each of the religious dogmas
has it's roots far back in antiquity when man lived
his life in accord with the natural laws which he found that surrounded him.

  1. Christianity: 2.1 billion ........33%
  2. Islam: 1.5 billion .........21%
  3. Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion .........16%
  4. Hinduism: 900 million ........14%
  5. Chinese traditional religion: 394 million ........6%
  6. Buddhism: 376 million .........6%
  7. primal-indigenous: 300 million ........6%
  8. African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million......... 6%
  9. Sikhism: 23 million ........0.36%
  10. Juche: 19 million .......other 0.22% [%POPULATION]
  11. Spiritism: 15 million.......other 0.22%
  12. Judaism: 14 million ........0.22%
  13. Baha'i: 7 million ........other 0.22%
  14. Jainism: 4.2 million .......other 0.22%
  15. Shinto: 4 million .......other 0.22%
  16. Cao Dai: 4 million .......other 0.22%
  17. Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million .........other 0.22%
  18. Tenrikyo: 2 million ........other 0.22%
  19. Neo-Paganism: 1 million ........other 0.22%
  20. Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand .........other 0.22%
  21. Rastafarianism: 600 thousand .......other 0.22%
  22. Scientology: 500 thousand ........other 0.22%
We have perverted, hid and destroyed most of these truths in our pursuit of self
indulgence and political greediness.

Yet self evidence is embodied within the sociological structure of early man as he climbed
from individual, family, clan, tribe on to civilization....

The world is currently in conflict with it self because we fail to except the truth of our
origin as far as the true sociology structure and teachings as what we like to characterize
as primitive man & woman and what they taught us....

There can be no God without there being a Goddess. Both masculine and feminine
principals or laws are constant in the universal structure of all things in and out of

So our Bibles, Korans and other text we currently hold as a testimony of the living truth and
way to our so called salvation has failed us.

(CORNER TALK REPORT) Butch Leake........6/5/2010