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Olympus Has Fallen/Review

Olympus Has Fallen.. The heart pounding, roller coaster non-stop action thriller opened in theaters this week and has already shone to be the blockbuster possibly for the year. The story of North Korean terrorists attacking Washington D.C. and taking control of the White House.                                                          
Featuring a cast of hardened, veteran action movie stars including Gerald Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell. Moviegoers will not find this to be a disappointing film. The chemistry of these actor is just great........

Olympus Has Fallen is powerfully intriguing and not for the fainthearted or easily alarmed. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Replacement Killers, Shooter, Tears of the Sun) the film drops viewers directly into the battle, gut-wrenching scenes that are as painful as they are realistic.

The White House sets the scene for this thriller when former secret service operative Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) finds himself having to return to active duty- when a hostile force takes over the White House. Abandoning his job at the treasury dept.                                                                                                  

Banning runs into a fray of hostiles as he battles his way into besieged building and wages a lone battle against Korean terrorist in the corridors of the famed building (code named Olympus).

Banning a former Special Forces and Ranger trained operative coordinates his tactics with speaker of the house and acting president Allan trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and secret service head  (Angela Bassett) to free the president of The United States Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart).

This films moves from beginning to the payoff managing to marry gritty character drama with one man action storyline.

There isn't much to the Banning character except the fact that his motivations are plain and simple (he is wracked and disturbed from a past failure) yet manages to dish up plenty of tormenting attitude to the terrorist while attacking and killing his adversaries at every chance possible.

Olympus Has Fallen..Run 120 minutes and is rated R for strong violence and language throughout the film...

Olympus Has Fallen is directed by Antoine Fuqua based on a script by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt in their first screenwriting effort. The production company (Millennium Films) acquired the (Spec Script) in March 2012, and Gerard Butler was cast later in the month as the star.   The rest of the characters were cast throughout June and July. Filming began in (Shreveport, Louisiana,) in mid-July 2012.                  


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Drifters/Celebrating 60 Years

The Drifters Legends Club House is currently an open group. you may post relative info, question, thoughts, ideas, pictures discussions etc. relating to The Drifters, The Drifters Legends. Please be kind but be frank in your enquires... Feel free to recommend people who you think are interested in participating in the group. They will have to be approved but for the most part we will not bar anyone. This is an historical group site dedicated to the body of work that has been left and the men who came through the ranks of the brand during different periods of it's tumultuous history. Trademarks, trade names, company names photographs or product names mentioned herein are used for identification only and may be the property of their respective owners. All Rights
Reserved.....Butch Leake
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The Call/Review

"The Call" is an effectively creepy suspense thriller about a 911 operator and a young girl in peril by a sadistic kidnapper. The 911 operator named (Jordan Turner) played by Halle Berry who struggles with her own psychological problems after weighing in on and fumbling a earlier distress call some years before by a victim who is kidnapped and murdered by the same perpetrator who she now has a taunting dialog with and her struggle to handle the situation and save the life of the victim (Casey Welson) played by Abigail Breslin. The scene is set in a Los Angles 911 dispatch center called the Hive. Buzzing with the thrills of incoming calls and the sound of reassuring voices, the hive is where 911 operators ask what is your emergency? This question also becomes the opening line in this suspense thriller, drama, melodrama and tragic horror story.  Jordan at this time is now a teacher at the dispatch center and jumps back in when an inexperience dispatcher begins to fumble a distress call and sets off the roller coaster ride with Jordan trying to calm the victim and bring her down from convulsive hysteria while she is locked in the trunk of the psycho's car moving down a Los Angles freeway. Here the director Brad Anderson uses old fashion film making techniques like crosscutting to build tension tightly shooting his scenes close-up inside the trunk of the car highlighting the terror of the girl in her ordeal. "The Call" is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult) There is Bloody violence and crude language.

Directed by Brad Anderson; written by Richard D’Ovidio, based on a story by Mr. D’Ovidio, Nicole D’Ovidio and Jon Bokenkamp; director of photography, Thomas Yatsko; edited by Avi Youabian; music by John Debney; production design by Franco G. Carbone; costumes by Magali Guidasci; produced by Jeff Graup, Michael J. Luisi, Michael A. Helfant, Robert L. Stein and Bradley Gallo; released by TriStar Pictures and Stage 6 Films. 1 hour 35 minutes

WITH: Halle Berry (Jordan Turner), Abigail Breslin (Casey Welson), Morris Chestnut (Officer Paul Phillips), Michael Eklund (Michael Foster), David Otunga (Officer Jake Devans), Roma Maffia (Maddy), José Zúñiga (Marco) and Michael Imperioli (Alan Denado).

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