Friday, August 28, 2015

The Drifter Wars (Process Of Elimination)

Spurred on by recent events with the declaration by ABCs The View during a broadcast where it was claimed that Drifters Legend Charlie Thomas was the only original Drifter alive. Subsequently casting a shadow on the legitimacy of any other bonified member in the brand's history who is still alive today, has brought into play some questions about whether the custodians of the Drifters name care about the historical accuracy in such a statement by a media company who's broadcast are far-reaching and have the potential of damaging not only other legitimate members in the marketplace,
but there own immediate interest. This also fits into the pattern of the continuing Drifter Wars process of elimination. Already the former 3rd golden age members have been locked out of the  marketplace on both sides of the Atlantic. Drifters Legends Rick Sheppard has recently felt the pinch due to the latest broadcast in the media. Meanwhile, the pirates continue to fill the void. In reality, who's interest does all of this serve? No one but those who hijack The Drifters name for their own self-gain. It's also apparent that Mr Thomas and his handlers clearly are not concerned about the historical accuracy of their claims and it also apparent that the name will suffer further damage from the distortion of the historical truth and the lack by those who have legitimate concerns to mount resources towards correcting and join those who have the right interest at heart.

Corner Talk Report (Butch Leake)