Sunday, September 27, 2009


For those of you who have yet to notice, we are on Twitter the latest in the social
networks which has taken the world by storm.. (Title Link)

Twitter is one of the faster growing social interacting sites around where one may connect
with friends, associates and the world through simple micro blogging.

Corner Talk Report as many of you know is the information hub for Butch Leake
Entertainment & Productions an his network of sites and associates.

On the side of the page you can find important links to the social world such as
Facebook, Myspace and Friendfeed which one may subscribe to for continuous updates
as they become available.

Coming soon..... The Legacy Of The 70s website featuring the music of Roger Greenway
highlighting the Bell Recording years and the continuing legacy of The Drifters.

New videos, pictures, news highlights and productions from Butch Leake Entertainments....
To include internet TV broadcast an streaming.......


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