Monday, January 28, 2008


Hello Butch, Hi there....
What is happening on the on going saga with The Drifter's.
There is a current battle posturing for march this year in The British High Court
over the Trademark rights between Treadwell Drifter's and The Drifter's UK Ltd.
It seems that The Drifter's UK Ltd., who for a period of time was Treadwell UK
representative sort the rights to ownership of the mark after the original management
left the country. For me it's another sad chapter to the on going Drifter story that
shouldn't be happening. It's a replay of the same madness that took place in the
United States with other pirates who sort ownership of the lucrative mark.....
and the cloning of the many would be Drifter groups into the market place that
never were with the official Drifter family. Let me clarify what I'm saying here....
Many argue the pros an cons of what group was original and who were the
imposter's. We can never deny the first incarnation with Clyde Mcphatter,
Bill Pickney, and the Thrasher brothers. But The Drifter's hit records came over
many years with other members involved and so there were five to six groups
over that period of time who were significant as far as records, film, television
books etc. The seventies group came on the heels of the Atlantic Record era at
a time when the group had faded out of the limelight as an old oldies but goody
Butch... how long were you with the Bell Record group?
Contrary to what has been distorted in the so called family tree listing you
find on the contesting websites and books published. I joined The Drifter's in
early 1970, replacing then Rick Sheppard and i resigned on Christmas of 1975.
I am the last member of that transatlantic group that is alive. One interesting
factor I'm a member who has never sort to form a New Drifter's group and has
always believed if ones own name is cultivated right it would carry on in the Drifter's
tradition......For one thing i realized long ago once a Drifter always a Drifter in
one way or the other as my name and likeness continues to be promoted through
the media. In that i will always be a significant player in the groups history no matter
who tries to play that down......I'm here to stay and they better know that.
Now on the trademark issue I would hope The British High Court would take
the high road an not award the mark to anyone but take into consideration the artist
who contributed to the is they who would be the big looser along with
the many fans who have supported the act and it's members over the years.
Treadwell in any respect has the distinction of controlling the revenue that has
come in for Drifter music over the years through it's companies Drifter's Inc. and
Treadwell Original Drifter's LLC.
Butch....Do you have any new career moves in the wings?
Yes I do... I'm currently researching for new material this year for a new CD an concept
for music video. Also i will be looking for a good production staff to work along
with my company and rehearsing a new show.........
Butch keep us informed on your moves this year, we will be looking forward to
hearing from you soon. (CORNER TALK)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


The Drifter's were one of the most photographed groups through out the 70s.
Here we present some of the many classic photographs from the period for our loyal fans........
This is also a picture portal for the new fans who never saw the original lineup as they were during the 70s era.....