Thursday, September 10, 2009


President Obama rips the GOP an those that have been on a campaign to
derail his health care plan.

He made his appeal to Congress an the nation last night to revive his troubled
young presidency and crusade to give health care to all Americans.

It was a dark moment that showed the depth of the divide an the the partisan politics
being played out between the parties.

The President having to confront critics from all around him has to meet the challenge
of pleasing conservative Democrats who fear he will do to much and Republicans
who are crying doom.

In his speech he said he was the first President to take up the cause an he is
determined to be the last President to do so.

With a gloomy look on there faces, the GOP sat there listening as he spelled out his

South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted, "You Lie" at the President.

Still insisting he will heal the partisan divide, Obama lashed out at the GOP who
he blames for distorting the debate and staking the future on defeating reform.

The truth is those who seek to derail the President, just haven't come to terms
that he has out classed them on every level since before and after coming to office.

The GOP has never had a sound agenda or a candidate that could bring one forward.

This talk of socialism coming from the right is just another diversion created to
try an derail his election promises.

Change for Washington is a hard nut to swallow for those politicians who have been
entrenched in the old way for so long.

"I will not waste time with those who have made calculation that it's better politics
to kill this plan, than improve it" he vowed.

"if you misrepresent what's in the plan we will call you out"

He said he understood how difficult the health care debate has been an know that
many in the country are deeply skeptical that Government is looking out for them.

Obama admitted saying it would be safer to delay reform......

We did not come to fear the future; we came here to shape it.....


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