Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Drifter Wars

Well it seems that the mis-information relating to The Drifters
continues to show it's scruples head as competing factions
continue to fight for title to be the legitimate Drifters
act in the market place.

So who is who on the playing field? 

Well you have The Original Drifters! The Drifters group
formed by the late Bill Pickney who was among the the first
lineup along with Clyde Mc Phatter and the Thrasher brother
Bubba & Gayhart Thrasher.

This Group continues to perform yet none of these men have ever
recorded on any of the Drifters songs from the period and after.

You have Bobby Hendricks and his Drifters Bobby of cost came
out of an early lineup of the the Drifters during the fifties
and had the solo hit song Itchy Twitchie feeling.

You then have Charlie Thomas and his Drifters. Charlie came
a long in the early 60s along with Ben E. King and Rudy Lewis
who's voices were heard on some of the memorial songs that the Drifters
were noted for during that period.

Charlies claim according to his current web site and booking
agents and promoters he works with are that he is the only legitimate Drifter
who is alive to day on all the songs recorded since 1958.

Quote from charlies web site: [Unfortunately, today there are only two                                 Drifters still living. Ben E. King who likeClyde McPhatter went solo after a short while with the Drifters and of course the only voice on all the Drifters recordings since 1958, the voice of Charlie Thomas.]

On the contrary there are Drifters alive from the period like Johnny Terry
who resides in the Detroit area of the country who know longer perform today.
and Drifters songs have continued to be recorded since 1958 way into the
70s & 80s which Charlie Thomas had nothing to do with.

Further down the line you have Rick Sheppard and his Drifters. Mr Sheppard
currently holds a Canadian Trade Mark for the Drifters and has performed
there and around the United States since the 70s.

Then there is the Drifters Legends former members who also recorded some
of the Drifters biggest his hits during the 70s & 80s. and who even to day
have Charted again with Gold Disks being awarded to them yet currently are
not performing anywhere in the main stream arena of the industry.

This dismay is through political infighting as the acts, there handlers,
conflict of interest and media etc. continue the mis-information.

The Drifters Legends are Butch Leake, Joe Blunt, Clyde Brown and Rick Sheppard.

These are the bonafied Drifters who come out of the Treadwell family of Drifters
who can be verified through records, books, film, video contracts and documents
recorded in Washington DC.etc.and other archives world wide.

The Original Drifters are not and have never been part of the Treadwell lineup
of Drifters apart from there founding member Bill Pickney who is now deceased.

On the peripheral there are counteless pirate groups who truly have no claim
to the Drifters legacy and are performing out there to day under rogue agents
and promoters.

Currently the Drifters trade Mark is still owned by the Treadwell family but is
exclusively licensed world wide through PMG (Prism Music Group) UK England.

Yet there is some confusion there as the Charlie Thomas, Bobby Hendricks and
Rick Sheppard Groups are or have been licensed in the past or presently by Treadwell                 yet Treadwell does not control the licensing.

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