Saturday, December 8, 2012

Can The Drifters Survive The New Musical Trends

There are many Ideas on that very question weather a 60 year old
musical group or brand so to speak can survive the ever changing
musical trends in this progressive world of music as it is.

Now there's no doubt you can find a Drifters group somewhere
out there on any given day performing to audiences somewhere
on planet earth Owing to the continued amount of trademark
infringement that takes place on a daily basis both by would be
wannabes and former members alike.

All this in many ways keeps the brand name alive but also
weakens it on the bigger picture as serious investment by major
concerns might find it a risky business venture in placing capital
behind a product that is so out of control.

Turning to the musical aspect of the brand The Drifters has always
been know for it's rich sound as far as the wholesome strong voices
that was required by the record executives back in the 50s into the
60s and 70s which was the hallmark of all the the great acts out of
those periods.

The roots lie much in solid gospel background foundation on into
Rhythm and Blues, which for the most part has been a missing
element in some of the acts in this new generation of performers.

On the other end the new generation of music listeners are brought
up on this new light sound and electronic generated music that drifts
away from the universal heart beat which in itself lends to an
unnatural feel.

The Drifters in this day in time is currently being re-branded for
a new generation of music listeners who have know knowledge
of the glorious rich sounds of the the past. So the question remains
can the brand separate from it's true roots and survive in these new
musical trends.

History has always shone us that there is some danger in trying to
move to far from the center or that of your root. It has been tried
before under the label of (New Music) and has met a terrible fate.

"Drifter fans, historians and enthusiast I much would like to hear your
feed back on this."


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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Drifters Legend Performs Canada

Here's a recent performance from Canada featuring Drifters Legend
Rick Sheppard and his Drifters.

Rick as many of you fans out there know performed with the official
lineup back in the 60s along side of the legendary Johnny Moore,
Charlie Thomas, Bill Fredricks and Abdul Samad.

Ricks show is one of the better Drifters show in the current market
place, keeping close to the traditional format and sound that The
Drifters were noted for. An exciting fast moving slickly choreographed
outfit will surely get you dancing on your feet.


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