Sunday, October 25, 2009


October 22nd thru 24th saw the annual pdn Photoplus international conference expo
at the Javits Center New York.

Every year this most important event in the photographic an imaging industry gather
to to share, meet and conference about new technologies.

All the leading manufacturers Nikon, Canon, Sony, Kodak were on hand discussing
an showing off there latest camera and equipment upgrades.

There were lectures, seminars, and hands on training in many of the areas of photography.

Photographic professionals displayed some of the finest photo art from around the world.

The Sik Wedding by Liz Hingley.

The Abore Tribe Ethiopia by Hamish Gregory........

Before the Dance by Gina Carnazz..........

NY Photographer Lola Flash promotes affiliate photo journal Nueva Luz.......

A host of graphic, Photoshop an lighting specialist were on hand giving instructions
on the ends & outs of the business......

Truly one of the best events annually in New Yorks Big Apple........


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Thanks for the inclusion!
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