Friday, June 5, 2009


President Barack Obama has once again given one of those great speeches
that will be recorded in history as a defined moment in time.

His speech was given in a country that is as old as the sands of time where
much of the worlds profound wisdom an knowledge has sprung.

Where Greek philosophers sat at the feet of the masters of math, writing, medicine,
astronomy and building.

His speech a message of peace had mix opinion among many in the middle eastern world,
but it was a message of balance an measure.

"The concept of peace was born in the Middle East and constitutes the cornerstone of all three monotheistic faiths -- Christian, Jewish and Muslim -- and it is incumbent on the people of Abraham to unite to meet the challenge and together realize the vision of a sustainable peace in the Middle East," he said.

Speaking from Cairo Egypt his speech focused on seven key points: Violence & Extremism,
Israel & Palestine, Nuclear weapons & Iran, Democracy & Human rights, Religious
Freedom, Woman's Rights and Economic Development & Opportunity.

The president highlighted that Americas policy will align with those who pursue peace.

Quoting from the Koran, Torah and New Testament he pointed to the diversity among
the people of the book and Blessed be the Peace Makers they will be the children of God.

On key points such as the Israel-Palestine problem he pointed out that Palestinians
must stop resorting to violence in pursuit of there goals and that the US has
requested a freeze on settlements in Israel.

President Obama reinforced the message that ending the occupation and establishing a viable and independent Palestinian state was in the mutual interest of Palestinians, Israelis and indeed the entire world.

Further the President pointed out to promoting a broad educational exchange program
between Islamic countries and the US.

Still there are those who will not embrace what he has envisaged weather here in the
US or the middle east as the leaders of Al Qaeda have said there can be no peace
until the US stops aligning with Israel.


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