Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Drifters/A Unique Club

There is much criticism and mis-understanding about the status
of the Drifters the organization and what it's trying to
do now that we have reached the 60th Anniversary of it's existence.

There are those who just will not wake up to the reality that
many of the members of yesteryear are no longer with us and
much of the work that these men did in creating the Drifter
Legend is part of history and will always be honored.

The Drifters as a hold has always been a brand since
Clyde McPhatter sold his stake in the name back in the early
50's to George Treadwell.

Though we all have our favorite Drifter groups and have our
personal preferences as far as the individual members, the
organization now has become an institution and the preservation
of history an distribution of that history to new generation
of fans an people in general is the real criteria and ultimate
purpose in this new millennium.

Yes there has been much controversy about who are the Drifters,
who should be a Drifter, who are the better Drifters etc.but
one thing for sure who owns the Drifters or meaning that of
the name, it is Treadwell and if you didn't come through that
family tree you do not count.

Now there is other criteria as far as the music industry is
concerned and not knocking others who have served in one
capacity or the other their historical contributions will be
duly noted.

Recording has become one of the main standards on who is real
and who isn't. You should have at least sung on one song or
more in any musical band and that sets up who is legitimate
and who's not.

The Drifters is Unique in that there have been more than 60-65
personnel who came through its lineup over the years. Obviously
their are those who are significant and then there are those
who haven't made it to the foot note in it's history.

This meaning they never recorded, never made it to any of the media
that is around such as television, magazines, books, news papers etc.

The Drifters have a long and extensive musical catalogue and the
reality the members did not record on all those songs with the
exception of legendary members like Johnny Moore who sang lead on
many of The Drifters greatest hits and holds the title as the longest
serving member in this unique club.

So those of you out there who have some problem with the current
generation of Drifters remember they are trying to carry on the
Drifter Legacy like us older member here that form The Drifters
Legends. We are all dedicated to carry on and distribute that
illustrious history......Butch Leake

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