Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well 2008 was a world wind year traveling to Europe and around the Americas.
It was great to be back on stage in the UK before the fans I know so well and
reliving some of the nostalgia from the days with the Drifters....

It was a special honor working with the new lineup of drifters for this day an time.

Looking forward to 2009, as we are working on some new an surprise projects
surrounding the Legendary Group an name.

The British fans are a special breed of people who are some of the most supportive
people on the planet and I hold them close to my heart....

This year we have reached out to former legends of the group to work on some
new development Ideas to move into the future which will feature the Drifters
Legends with the Drifters on a show at the Indigo 02 Arena in London Sunday the 28th

To compliment this show Atlantic will release a compilation album featuring
songs from 50s, 60s, 70s and some new song for 2009.

Also on the cards is a possible world tour with both groups.

PMG entertainment UK has been instrumental in re-branding the name and bringing it back to it's former glory...

I for one am happy to be back on board with an entity that I have put much of my life into.....

For many of the fans out there as you know there has been much controversy
around the group an who's really who..
Know this that if you see a group and it has not been commissioned by Treadwell
it is not a legitimate act....

This is not to say that former legends of the Drifters are not legit, it's just that
if they are working as The Drifters and are not covered by license they are
infringing someones owned property.

Also beware of those who claim to had been legitimate Drifter lineup members..

Over on youtube you will see many Drifter videos with lineups claiming
to be the legitimate article. Do your research... The official site for the Drifters
is at

Currently PMG entertainment control the worldwide licensing of the Drifters
name and Treadwell are the rightful owners of the Drifters service mark....


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