Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Butch Leake / Deviant Art

The photographic art of Butch Leake is now on display over at Deviant Art.......
My life is for the most part a mixed bag of many interest! and as I travel around the world and visit many places of interest talking, sharing experiencing the beauties that this life has bestowed on me. I can't help but capture the love and passion that I have for the things that I see which talk to me in a spiritual way. ...... Butch Leake

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Drifter Wars/Haters

Good morning world! It's Monday morning here in New York after a tiresome weekend. With so much to do and not enough time to do it in I'm a little exhausted. Trying to keep up the pace with projects is a challenging task. Though I can report the book is coming together quite well. I'm not so happy at the moment on the health status of my co-workers within the Legends camp. Hopefully all turns out well at the end. Recently heard of some malicious data published supposedly coming from me against one of the Legends in an attempt to cause some disorder in the house. It's the typical kind of negativity that has been passed around in the past against both myself and the Drifters management in the UK. It's all an attempt to derail any progress as we move into the future. Note I can't seem to get any of these hidden haters to physically come forward and meet the challenge over many of the issues related to the brand because for the most part they are void of facts and real historical data. The word is we don't count as far as history goes and is all the more reason I have to stand up and continue to do battle with many of the  haters on both sides of the Atlantic.Much of the potential work out there myself and the rest of the Legends could be doing has been stymied do to politics with those who goal to keep us from  rising to claim out spot in history In any respect justice will serve itself in the end I;m optimistic about that. Stay tuned as I'm sure things will heat up in the coming future.
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