Monday, June 29, 2009


Recently at London's Indigo o2 Arena Lifetime Achievement Awards presented by Neil Martin of Sony Music to The Drifters Legends, to recognise the contribution that the Drifters made to the Bell Arista Label. Receiving the awards were Butch Leake an Joe Blunt Original members of the 70s lineup of the Drifters.

On hand were writer Roger Greenway who wrote an co wrote some of the most popular
hits of the period such as Kissin In The Backrow of the Movies, Down on the Beach tonight,
There Goes My First Love and Your more Than a Number In My Little Red Book.

Neil pointed out that..... The Drifters are now well into their sixth decade delighting audiences around the world. They have enjoyed remarkable success in their career, selling well over 200 million singles and well over 100 million albums."

The Show was produced by the Prism Music Group an Promoted by London's Kennedy Street
and Martial Arts.......

The show featured the current Drifters lineup With Maurice Cannon, Steve King, Michael
Williams and Damion Charles and featured Butch Leake, Joe Blunt and Wolf Johnson of
The Drifter Legends.....

For more information on this prestigious night go to or click on
the title link above......


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