Tuesday, July 29, 2008

THE GOLDEN YEARS (The Drifters1953/1975

For Drifter fans worldwide it must be frustrating with all the confusing arguments on
ownership of names an who has a right to be called a drifter. The remaining fact is
the groups legacy is one of historical value for future generations to come.....
I for one grew up as a fan an lover of Drifter music an was very fortunate to have been
able perform with the legendary organization. As an insider I can say my love for all
the players in this saga of American music history is profoundly sincere. The principal
players that particularly of the artist that truly made the legend what it is today are
the benefactors as that of the public who loved an supported the music over the
Golden periods of the groups history. For some Clyde Mcphatter, Johnny Moore,
Ben E King, Rudy Lewis, Bill Pickney and Charlie Thomas symbolized what the
group was all about, yet all came in different eras of the history of it's music. As of
myself along with Johnny Moore, Bill Fredricks and Grant Kitchings who symbolized
the third Golden period under the guidance of the Treadwell Family who have been
significant custodians of this tradition in the many years of it's existence. Now not
being particularly fond of the inside issues that surrounded the running of this
organization and we all had our issues an ego problems unto today. Its non the less
important for the fans to understand know matter what part of the Golden years you
embrace an there are three that are significant at this day in time, each period supported
an perpetuated the on going life and the history for decades to come.

Currently at this moment the Drifters name is being re-branded for future generations
as the name has somewhat been tarnished by the spawning of hybrid groups here an
abroad. Leading this effort is PMG (Prism Music Group) out of London.

For more information on this effort go to


Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well as all of you know by now the Dark Knight opened in theaters here with
a record breaking box office take of 66 million dollars in the first day of showing
to the public.

The anticipated sequel to Batman begins gave us what we all hope for. A monumental
movie that will go down as a classic.

This movie smokes.... If there is such thing as a perfect film in every way this is the one.

One will find it hard to top this blockbuster which is flawless in its script, characterization, cinematography and score........

All the characters were super in there roles, you will find know weakness in any of them....

Heath Ledger (The Joker) should get with no doubt get an Oscar for his riveting role as the
clown prince of crime an depiction of human Psychological insanity and brilliance.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Coming soon the Legacy of 70s website featuring Butch Leake formally
of the Bell Recording Group The Drifters an the music of Greenway,
Cook, Mason and Macauley. Butch teams of with a new cast of singers
to bring you the music reminiscent of those years......

It's been 33 years or more since the original Bell Record Recording Group
the Drifters performed on the stages of Great Britain and the USA.

The Bell Group consisted of veteran an legendary singer the late Johnny
Moore, Bill Fredricks, Grant Kitchings and Butch Leake the only surviving
member left from that era, which in fact is the 3rd golden period in the
history of the group.

Currently now there are three or more groups of drifters performing
around the USA. One headed by Charlie Thomas, another by Rick Sheppard
and Bobby Hendricks all former members under the Treadwell music family.

Treadwell has just launched a new young group of Drifters in Europe in
association with (PMG) Prism Music Group London.

Butch is currently in the studio working on a CD (CORNER TALK REPORT)