Thursday, January 15, 2009


When will it end? Thats the question everyone is asking in this 20th day of of fighting
between the warring factions, Israel and Hamas. Both parties in this conflict have ignored
demands from senior goverment officials to stop the fighting, as the civilian casualities continue to rise...

Gaza continues to burn as Israel comes under scrutiny for using white phosphorus weapons
in this war which are forbidden when there is a condensed civilian population as in gaza.

These sort of weapons were used in Vietnam by US personel with devastating results
and are questionable when civilian population is at risk.

In this current middle east conflict, Israel has a right to defend it self as a nation of people
who are under attack by it's adversaries, but the underline issue here is the measurement
of her responce to the aggression and does it meet criterior under international law.

The Israel/Palestinian problems are age old. Israel is an occupying force and has been
over the pass forty years or more.

Anyone who knows the history of the region will agree to that...but as usual the facts
of history are pushed under the rug and revised to suit the current status of todays
political agendas.

The middle east issues will never truly be settled until the real historical question are


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In a recent post on Blogcatolog it has been suggest that Butch Leake in an early posting
on the history of the Drifters had commited some form of plagarism on a work reportedly
by Tony Allan relating to a book he wrote on the early history of the group.

Specifically in his own words he states he was the first ever to list early Drifter recordings.

It must be said that this drifters story is one of the most recorded stories
world wide. There are currently over 195,000 biographical listings on the world wide
web alone.

Many of these listings are very detailed as they were ascertained by interviewing former
members past and present.

It is in this understanding that most of what is reported in Mr Allans book was shaped by
the former Drifters management an though it has historical value, it does not paint an
absolute accurate picture of the history or of the truth.

A matter of fact many publications have been reporting on the 50s vocal group since the very early 70s and carried much more detailed biographies and discograph listings long before publication in this book which if we are correct was first published in 1994.

Drifter recordings are a matter of historical record. To say one does not have access
or knowledge of them is incorrect thinking on this authors part.

In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel,, slander, and vilification) is communication
of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that
give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image.

Slander refers to a malicious, false and defamatory spoken statement or report, while
libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images......

Mr. Allan claims there were large parts of his book used on the site? is this accusation
in part, because he thinks of himself as the only legitament writer comissioned by the

Drifter management?

A further fact is my research and writing matters started long before this book or a T. Allan
was ever known and because his work may be listed under some title I might have on the
internet as far as similarities does not mean I lifted his material. Thats the way information
is logged on the web...


Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year, with all the problems we have on the home front with the economy,
the year begins with with a bang. A new conflict begins in the Middle East with two
old advarsaries Israel and Hamas. The new american administration has it's work
cut out to try and broker an on going peace in the region which has thus far been
impossible to do. At this current writing Israel has amassed it's tanks and troops
on the border in preparation for a ground assault on Gaza which seems to be
imminent.... Are we in a further meltdown as far as US foreign relations? Or can the
new Obama administration broker a workable plan for the region.....