Friday, May 13, 2011


Well as you all might know actress Lynsey Lohan has pleaded
no contest to misdemeanor theft of a 2500 dollar necklace.
She didn't appear in court but through her lawyer she made
her statement. She is to spend four month in prison and
go through rehabilitation and sessions with court appointed

In other news recently Entertainer Prince has band the songbird
Whitney Houston from attending his concerts. It seems as if Miss
Houston was acting somewhat out of line at a recent performance
and the report said it was due to erratic behavior etc.
Let wish that Whitney wins the battle with her demons
God be willing.

New York- It is reported that Mary Tyler Moore has
been admitted into a facility for surgery to remove a benign tumor
on the lining of her brain.
The 74-year-old Moore gained stardom as a modern suburban housewife
on the 1960s comedy "The Dick Van Dyke Show," and went on to star in
her own series as a single woman woman pursuing a career.

Fox TV is to cancel all five of it's on the fence series, the network
has confirmed. The are to include Human Target, Lie to Me and The Chicago
code are to go, along with comedies Traffic Light and Breaking In Staring
Christian Slater. Monday they will unveil the new fall schedule.

Beyonce who looked stunning last night at the Met Ball managed to tick
off photographers who were covering the event and felt they were being
snub got booed by surrounding onlookers....