Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Senator Barack Obama has won the 2008 Presidential Election to become the 44th President of The United States, out gunning his rival Senator John McCain in electorial votes.

Takeing Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Ohio which was the game winner for the race to the White House. No one has ever won the White House with out winning Ohio.

Obama managed to hold on to the Democratic Heartland states and winning the majority votes
in Virginia.....


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Levi Stubbs, legendary lead singer for the 4 Tops has passed away in Detroit after along bout with illness he was 72. His voice was unique as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gay and Smokey Robinson.

The 4 Tops signed with Motown Records and produced 20 40 top ten hits over ten years.

Their biggest hits were recorded between 1964 and 1967 with the in-house songwriting and production team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland. Both 1965's "I Can't Help Myself" and 1966's "Reach Out" went to No. 1 on the Billboard pop chart.

Other hits included "Shake Me, Wake Me" (1966); "Bernadette" and "Standing in the Shadows of Love" (both 1967).

They toured for decades afterward and reached the charts as late as 1988 with "Indestructible" on Arista Records. In 1986, Stubbs provided the voice for Audrey II the man-eating plant in the film "Little Shop of Horrors."

The group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.


Monday, September 22, 2008


Butch Leake is now in the UK the former member of the Bell Recording group
The Drifters is there to celebrate the 55th anniversary an the history of the group.

He will perform live on stage with the current Drifters lineup at selected shows on
there Sacrifice tour throughout the UK. For more information you can click on the
title link above or go to the (


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination in a packed stadium and challenged John McCain to debate "who has the temperament, and judgment, to serve as the next commander in chief."

In a riveting speech the Illinois Senator spelled out his plan for change to the American people.

Obama was greeted by tens of thousands of cheering supporters chanting "yes we can."

He called upon Americans to help usher in an era of change after eight years of what he called failed policies.

"Change happens because the American people demand it -- because they rise up and insist on new ideas and new leadership, a new politics for a new time," he said.

He brushed aside critiques from his Republican opponent, accusing him of being out of touch.

"It's not because John McCain doesn't care. it's because John McCain doesn't get it," he said of economic problems facing the country.

Point by point, he addressed McCain's policies on the Iraq war, the economy, offshore drilling and health care, accusing him of pursuing the same policies as the Bush administration.

Earlier in the evening former president Al Gore and Gov. Bill Richardson gave power speeches
blasting John McCain's support of Bush failed policies.

Vice President to be Joe Biden gave a surprise visit also blasting John McCain's policy.

There were performances by Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder who sang sign seal delivered.

Wed Former President Bill Clinton indorsed Obama and said he is ready to lead the country.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


New York- Famed record producer who helped shaped shape rhythm & blues with such
influential recordings of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Drifters, Bob Dylan and Willie
Nelson died Friday of heart disease at his home in Sarasota Fla. he was 91.

Wexler earned his reputation as a music industry giant while a partner at Atlantic Records with another legendary music figure, the late Ahmet Ertegun.

His touch helped boost the careers of both the “King of Soul,” Charles, and the “Queen of Soul,” Franklin. Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke and Percy Sledge were among the other R&B greats who benefited from Wexler’s musical genius. He also produced Dusty Springfield’s classic “Dusty in Memphis,” considered a masterpiece of “blue-eyed” soul.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


It has been reported the Legendary Singer an Composer Isaac Hayes has died
in Memphis, he was 65......

According to news sources he was found by relatives unconscious in his home
next to a treadmill that was still running......

Paramedics attempted to revive him but was pronounced dead shortly after
2pm Sunday.....

Hayes was a legendary an longtime writer an arranger for Stax Records in Memphis...

In 1971, the theme from "Shaft" topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and won an Academy Award for best original theme song. The song and the movie score also won Grammy awards for best original score and movie theme.

As a entertainer an friend I new him well.... He will be truly missed.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

THE GOLDEN YEARS (The Drifters1953/1975

For Drifter fans worldwide it must be frustrating with all the confusing arguments on
ownership of names an who has a right to be called a drifter. The remaining fact is
the groups legacy is one of historical value for future generations to come.....
I for one grew up as a fan an lover of Drifter music an was very fortunate to have been
able perform with the legendary organization. As an insider I can say my love for all
the players in this saga of American music history is profoundly sincere. The principal
players that particularly of the artist that truly made the legend what it is today are
the benefactors as that of the public who loved an supported the music over the
Golden periods of the groups history. For some Clyde Mcphatter, Johnny Moore,
Ben E King, Rudy Lewis, Bill Pickney and Charlie Thomas symbolized what the
group was all about, yet all came in different eras of the history of it's music. As of
myself along with Johnny Moore, Bill Fredricks and Grant Kitchings who symbolized
the third Golden period under the guidance of the Treadwell Family who have been
significant custodians of this tradition in the many years of it's existence. Now not
being particularly fond of the inside issues that surrounded the running of this
organization and we all had our issues an ego problems unto today. Its non the less
important for the fans to understand know matter what part of the Golden years you
embrace an there are three that are significant at this day in time, each period supported
an perpetuated the on going life and the history for decades to come.

Currently at this moment the Drifters name is being re-branded for future generations
as the name has somewhat been tarnished by the spawning of hybrid groups here an
abroad. Leading this effort is PMG (Prism Music Group) out of London.

For more information on this effort go to


Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well as all of you know by now the Dark Knight opened in theaters here with
a record breaking box office take of 66 million dollars in the first day of showing
to the public.

The anticipated sequel to Batman begins gave us what we all hope for. A monumental
movie that will go down as a classic.

This movie smokes.... If there is such thing as a perfect film in every way this is the one.

One will find it hard to top this blockbuster which is flawless in its script, characterization, cinematography and score........

All the characters were super in there roles, you will find know weakness in any of them....

Heath Ledger (The Joker) should get with no doubt get an Oscar for his riveting role as the
clown prince of crime an depiction of human Psychological insanity and brilliance.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Coming soon the Legacy of 70s website featuring Butch Leake formally
of the Bell Recording Group The Drifters an the music of Greenway,
Cook, Mason and Macauley. Butch teams of with a new cast of singers
to bring you the music reminiscent of those years......

It's been 33 years or more since the original Bell Record Recording Group
the Drifters performed on the stages of Great Britain and the USA.

The Bell Group consisted of veteran an legendary singer the late Johnny
Moore, Bill Fredricks, Grant Kitchings and Butch Leake the only surviving
member left from that era, which in fact is the 3rd golden period in the
history of the group.

Currently now there are three or more groups of drifters performing
around the USA. One headed by Charlie Thomas, another by Rick Sheppard
and Bobby Hendricks all former members under the Treadwell music family.

Treadwell has just launched a new young group of Drifters in Europe in
association with (PMG) Prism Music Group London.

Butch is currently in the studio working on a CD (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

SUMMER FEST ARTIST GALLERY 2008/Photos by Butch Leake




A rainy day but the show went on at J&R Music World Summer Fest
in the City Hall Park lower Manhattan NY.

J&R Summer Fest 2008 was sponsored by Canon/ WBLS Radio/ Fox 5/ Madame
Tussauds and The City of New York.

Hosted by WBLS, the beautiful Champaign..

Featured artist were The Drifters featuring Rick Sheppard/ Rhonda Franklyn
and the new Marveletts/ Southern Rock singer Danielia Cotton / Jazz Musician
Gerald Veasley/ 2 Unic / Rappers T team / Maino and Young Steff.

The show got of with a bang featuring the smooth jazz sounds of Gerald Veasley....

Next to hit the stage was a new artist by the name of Danielia Cotton singing her
new single Rare Child...
Danielia labels herself as a Black latin Jew who sings Southern Rock. She has an
incredible vocal range with a touch of Janis Joplin.

Too beautiful sister from the Caribbean, 2 Unic graced the the day with
there Island sounds......

For the younger crowd, rappers T team/ Maino and Young Steff doing his New
single Professional.....

A new incarnation of the Marveletts featuring Rhonda Franklyn graced the stage
Followed by Rick Sheppard and his Drifters Group to top off the evening.

Rick Sheppard is one of the last singers out of the Atlantic Recording Group
The Drifters along with Charlie Thomas. Butch Leake replaced Rick in early

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Senator Hillary Clinton is set to suspend her campaign at the end of the week
and concede to Barack Obama.

She is set to acknowledge her support and backing of Obama for the Presidency.


The Democratic party made history last night with the first African American nominee
for President of the United States.

Senator Barack Obama won out over Senator Hillary Clinton in delegates to clinch
the nomination. But as always Clinton refused to concede and maintained her defiance
while exploring a future strategy.

Some say she will try an use her political savvy as a bargaining tool for the Vice President
position on the ticket.....

It may be a little to late as this bitter battle winds down as bridges are not that easy
to fix owing to the ferocity that this campaign has taken.

Could they work together an be comfortable? that would be something that would
have to be explored. Then there is the Bill Clinton factor, baggage which might turn
out to be a bad liability owing to his shoot from the hip tirades....

Obama will have an up hill battle as he seeks to mend the unity of the
party that has been fractured over the coarse of the primaries.

Last nights primaries were split with Hillary Clinton winning South Dakota and Obama
taken Montana which gave him enough of the delegates to win the nomination.

Go to for statistics and analytical commentary........ (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Friday, May 23, 2008


A must movie to see this spring is Indiana Jones (Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull), directed by Steven Spielberg.

It's been 20 years since the last Indiana Jones film starring Harrison Ford and
for Indy buffs this will be a treat.

Set in 1957, Professor Jones has returned home to his college to only find out that he
is under investigation by the federal authorities because of his activities and the
university is being pressured to fire him.

On his way out of town Indy meets a rebellious lad named Mutt who has a grudge and
a proposition for the archaeologist.

If he would help Mutt on a mission that has deep an personal stakes involved.

Indy could very well make one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in history...
the Crystal Skull of Akator. A legendary object of fascination an superstition and fear.

The film also stars Cate Blanchett from the films Elizabeth an Elizabeth the Golden years,
who plays a cold an beautiful soviet agent Irina Spalko with her crack military unit
in search of the skull with the belief it would give the soviets the ability to dominate the world once it's in there possession and they can unlock it's secrets. (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


President Bush recent tirade in the Israel knesset on the states 60 birthday
just shows the administrations continued flawed an deceptive policies.

Everyone knows this is nothing more then political theater played out by
a president who has fallen even lower in the ratings than Nixon during

His recent attack on Sen. Obama on his willingness to have dialog with countries
that the current administration deem as enemies of the United States is a continuation
of the scare tactics which this president has used since the beginning of the Iraq war.

Israel has admitted it self that it has back door dialog with organization such as Hamas
an Hezbollah in seeking release of prisoners held by these groups and conducted these
kind of talks for years.

This only shows the reality of Middle East politics as it really is and not what the
rhetoric of what the Bush administration is trying to project to the American public.

Presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain is echoing nothing more than the same old scare
tactics with his continuation of the Bush policy as we move towards the November
national elections for the President of the United States. (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sen. Hillary tonight after a long cliff hanger in Indiana wins the primary by
a narrow margin of 51% to Barack Obamas 49.

The night began with a Clinton spread of 10% which dwindled by 12pm in the evening
to 2 points.....

Obama won decisively in North Carolina early in the night 56% to Clintons 42.



Obama has a comfortable win over Clinton in the North Carolina Primary.

Clinton predicted this could be the game changer if she could win both
Indiana and North Carolina....

It is expected that Clinton will win Indiana but the decision will be close as
54percent of the vote is in but no projected winner as of yet..... (CORNER TALK REPORT)


Big day today as voters in North Carolina head to the polls and cast there choice
of candidate into days primary..... This has been considered a crucial day for
both candidates as they compete for those dwindling delegate pools and the
candidate for nomination to go into the national elections in November...

Of the 4,049 Democratic delegates, Obama has netted 1,491 pledged to Clinton’s 1,339. Clinton leads Obama with 269super-delegates to Obama’s 255. (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Friday, April 25, 2008

SPOTLIGHT ON THE 70s/Interview with Butch Leake

Why the 70s? In my opinion was one of the great periods for music which
inspired the heart an soul. The songs that were written had great substance non
like to days music which consist of beats with no solid story line...

They are not producing any great songwriters like yesteryear. We were very fortunate
back then to have songwriters like Roger Greenway who in my opinion is one of the
best writers who came out of the period...

God only knows where the Drifters would have been if it wasn't for the Greenway
writing team. Greenway was a big fan of the Drifters. So a marriage was made in heaven
teaming up with Greenway Productions......

You might say I personally became a Greenway fan as far as the songs go....
So this is why I chose to cover some of those great songs which the group recorded.

You might ask do I have issues about the politics of that time, the answer to that is yes,
but I will stop short of being bitter. Those matters will be addressed most likely in time.

At this time life moves on, an yes I'm in control and prepared to deal with what ever
challenges come my way. So all of those out there who have any negative plans read
this line again......

Will you be returning to great Britain? Most definitely, England is like home to me
I lived there for many years. My former wife is buried there, an if for only that reason
I will visit.

I will be going there to lay the ground work for returning to the stage after completing
entertaining matters here in the US.

What of the the new Treadwell Drifter group over there now. Well! They do what they
do I do what i have to do.... Remember I am the only original member out of the Bell
Record group who is alive. Know one can erase that fact.

The rest of the members were replacements.........

In any respect I'm not trying to be the Drifters or a tribute act. The reality once a
Drifter the stigma is forever attached to you........ (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


For the many USA fans of The Drifters now is a good chance to
checkout an purchase the hit songs of the 70s featuring the Original
Bell Record group headed by the late Johnny Moore an featuring
Butch Leake, Bill Fredricks and Grant Kitchings.

All these timeless songs were written and produced by the the
legendary UK writer Roger Greenway / Roger Cook / Billy Davis
and Tony MaCauley.

There are also tracks written by Neil Diamond / Burt Bacharach & Hal David /
Pomus & shuman / Paul McCartney and Stephens.

The CD "The Drifters Now & Love Games feature both albums from the
early 70s with an insert booklet with history and pictures of the group.....

A must buy for Drifter buffs at Virgin Record Stores........ (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Someone asked me the other day aren't you to young to have been with
The Drifters and why are there so many drifter groups around?

Obvious they all could not have really been The Drifters or that of the original
group from the 50s.
Now of cost the answer to that is yes, but you must ask what period are you talking
about and which songs are you referring to. As there are many......
Songs like Steamboat and Money Honey, you have to leave to the early 50s era.
Yet some of the greatest songs of the group were in the latter 50s through 60s
into the 70s.

By the 70s the lineup had changed a few times, an over the years as many as fifty or
more members had entered to it's roster some more prominent that others.
There were those who were there for only one or two shows and then let go.

Many never made it to photo sessions, books and media in general.....

The 50s you didn't see black faces on album covers as that was taboo during the
racially charged period.

The question here why so many groups? The Drifters resemble the 70s group Menudo
in many respects with the ever changing lineup. The only difference Menudo
were young kids an only represented a certain age status with there fans which
were teen boppers.
But the concept a method of exploitation....

The Drifters on the other hand much older yet the same concept exploitation...

Management not only represented the group but looked at itself as the group
with no distinction. Members were know more than payed employees with know
say so in there current future and were bound by there agreements with the
organization to be nothing after leaving.....

Yes there were exceptions like Ben E, King who went on to create a career of his own.

Out of all of this started the spiral of many groups with former members struggling
to survive in the music with so many other acts of the period.

It also created another industry of wannabe groups who's members had never had
any connection with the group and it's history at all....

The truth in music bill which has been circulating in the USA is a product of these
phony acts which are being produced.

But the real truth is the industry an it's federations really need to look at the root
causes of these problems an seek to lobby for legislation to protect artist from
such exploitation which everyone seems to turn a blind eye to. (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Monday, April 7, 2008


The senator from Arizona John McCain was recently
asked if Sen. Obama would make a good president.
His answer was absolutely....
But he thought he would make the better....

The reality is all these candidates are capable
of being President of The United States.

The question is who would be the best at this
time. McCains comments about Obama is a civil
gesture without all the negative bashing, non like
Hillary Clinton relentless tirades.

Weather he means it or not is a matter of his true heart.
Like racism is a matter of heart.

We are in a time when we need a change to the same
old Washington politics of the pass.

Obama in my opinion is the only candidate out of
the three that gives a genuine hope..... (CORNER TALK REPORT)


Nubitoonz created by Butch Leake, is a new look on Urban Humor.
For your enjoyment go to (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Sunday, April 6, 2008


The skating season was ushered in today with the annual
boogie down with the Central Park Dance Skaters Association N.Y.C.
held at 72nd street Central Park N.Y.

Today marked a dress rehearsal as the official date is on the 12th
of April this year.....

The weekly skating event which bounces every Sat, Sundays an
holidays straight to the end of October has become one of the
many attractions of things to do here in New York.

For more info go to (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Thursday, March 27, 2008


The Legacy of the 70s featurings the songs of Roger Greenway, Barry
Mason & Tony MaCauley. Soon to be repackaged under the banner of
Butch Leake, formally of the Bell Record Recording group The Drifters
which topped the British music charts during the 70s.

Butch is currently in the studio rehearsing a new musical extravaganza
featuring the songs of the period.

A CD is also in the works to be release to coincide with
the show.

Butch as you know is the only surviving member out of the
original transatlantic group which featured the late great Johnny Moore,
Grant Kitchings and Bill Fredricks. The show will also be designated
as a tribute to the late singers he worked with over those years.

Watch for schedules an forth coming dates and releases to be posted
here at Corner Talk Report. Send enquire's to

Monday, March 24, 2008


Another milestone has been etched in US history as the death
toll in Iraq has reached the 4,000 mark since the beginning of
the war 5 years ago. A sad reminder to this Ill conceived and
completely miscalculated period in US history.

Bush Monday expresses his sympathy to the families of the 4000
Americans who lost there lives, promising that they will not have died in vain.

Four US soldiers lost there life sunday when they were killed
by a roadside bomb....

McCain continues his pro Bush doctrine of occupation an totes
another 100 years of US occupation.......

The United States has sadly lost it's way, led down a blind alley
by republican adventurism. (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Can we just believe the recent invasion of Obama's passport file
is just the antic's of some curios contract employee or is there something
else going on here.

In 1991 the then-Gov. Bill Clinton’s passport file was compromised while he
waged a campaign for the White House against President George H. Bush.

The state Dept. announced that Mr. Obama's passport file had been
accessed three times over the pass 3 month by curious contract

The first breach, being reported took place on Jan 8, shortly after Obama
defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N--.Y.) in the Iowa Caucus.
Again it was tapped on Feb. 21, and again on March 14.

The Obama camp is demanding to know who opened Mr. Obama's
file and to get to the bottom of who is responsible for this outrageous
breach of security and privacy. But a senior State Department official
continues to echo there was no political or malicious intent.
just the antics of the "curious".

This latest new comes on the heels O Mr. Obama's historic speech
on race in America which received 1.6 million clicks over on the youtube

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Whats the matter with these people? It's seems to disturb them when someone comes along an has the intelligence that the Senator from Illinois displays. For he's one of the or the brightest that has come out of there Ivy League schools, but because he is black they want to tear him down...

It only points to the closet racism that still prevails in this country. Yes sexism exist an will continue to exist, but know one has to remind people of color the position they have had to endure since the birth of the country....

The former congress woman Geraldine Ferraro an one time vice presidential hopeful needs to climb back into a hole and get a life after her verbal remarks, and should have know room
in the current political agenda.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand needs to sort out her house if she wants to stay in this race with some dignity. All should be held to the same standard........(CORNER TALK REPORT)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NUBITOONZ by Butch Leake


Senator Barack Obama (D-ILL) wins Tuesday Mississippi Primary over
Hillary Clinton (D-NY). Mississippi had 33 pledged delegates, which
will be allocated proportionally.

Obama wins with overwhelming support from African American voters.
They came out for him over Clinton 91-9 percent.

Mississippi white voters overwhelmingly back the New york Senator
71-21 percent. Mississippi along with neighboring Alabama and
Clinton's former home state Arkansas are racially Polarized states.

Obama also finished first in the Texas Democratic caucuses. That race
wasn't called until Tuesday night.

Obama will get the most delegates out of that race even though
Clinton won the primary. Two thirds of the states 193 delegates were
at stake, a third of that was decided by the caucuses......(CORNER TALK REPORT)

Monday, March 10, 2008


Clinton offers Obama the 2nd of the bill in the race for the
presidency. A case of someone offering a job in a house they
don't own. It seems the Clinton's have forgot that they are behind
in the popular vote and in delegates.

Saturday Obama smash Clinton in the Wyoming Caucasus 61 to 38 percent....

"I want everybody to be absolutely clear," he said. "I'm not running for vice president. I'm running for president of the United States of America."

"This kind of gamesmanship, talking about me as VP but not ready for commander-in-chief, that's exactly the kind of doublespeak, double-talk that Washington is very good at," Obama added.

The Illinois senator's campaign clearly recognizes its rival benefits from the increased speculation of a joint ticket.

"They understand that this is a way for the Clinton campaign to play some politics here," "If you suggest to voters, who might have some question about Barack Obama's experience, but they like his message of hope and change, that they could have both, and that maybe he could get eight years of seasoning, that's the suggestion here."

The Clinton's are very aware of the math In this process an seem to be playing a shell game with the voters. Estimates are now that Obama leads Clinton 1,553 to 1,438 in delegates. This can all fall down to the super delegates which is the Clinton's goal for
hopeful bail out.... (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The word has been unofficially circulating that the Drifters UK limited
has blinked in its on going battle with Treadwells Original Drifters LLC
over a Trademark dispute between the two parties.

Treadwell had filed a suit In the British High Court against The Drifters UK limited for Trademark infringement seeking to stop the use of the
name The Drifters, a group performing as The drifters and a website
used for it's promotion. The hearing were to take place sometime in march of 2008. Treadwell has argued the legal ownership of The Drifters
Trademark since the early 50s. (CORNER TALK REPORT)


Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has managed a come back with wins in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas Primaries. Slowing down the the momentum of Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill).
Both contenders still fall short of the 2,025 delegates needed to secure the parties nomination for the run to the White House in November with Obama
leading in delegates 1,451 to Clintons 1,365.

Obama did well among African- American voters, young folks and the well educated. But he didn’t win over enough Latino voters in Texas or older voters in Ohio. Clinton trumped him by getting more late deciders in both states.

The real measurement last night ... was not whether Hillary Clinton could win Ohio or Texas," said Sen. John Kerry, an Obama supporter. "It's whether she wins by a large enough margin to win the nomination. She has to win by a very big number for the math to work over the course of the next week."

'Texas Two-Step'

Texas' results may not be as easy to measure as counting votes, either.

In what pundits have been calling the "Texas Two-Step," the state's Democratic Party hosts both a primary election, in which 126 delegates are awarded, and a post-election caucus in which another 67 are handed out.

It's possible for the loser of the primary to win more delegates with a strong showing in the caucuses.

In the Republican camp Senator John McCain (R-ARIZ) seals the GOP nod for
nomination Huckabee drops out of the race.......(CORNER TALK REPORT)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterdays out of context attacks against Senator Obama by Senator John McCain
is clearly just another reason why the old political establishment an policies of a
out of touch administration need to be dismantled.

"I understand that Sen. Obama said that if al Qaeda established a base in Iraq that he would send troops back in militarily. Al Qaeda already has a base in Iraq. It's called al Qaeda in Iraq," McCain said.

"It's a remarkable statement to say that you would send troops back to a place where al Qaeda has established a base -- where they have already established a base."

Senator Barack Obama responded..

"There was no such thing as al Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq."

McCain was in Tyler, Texas, and Obama was in Columbus, Ohio.

The fact is that this was a misguided war from the beginning is apparent an Senator
McCain is just a throw back to old Bush policy in peddling paranoia. (CORNER TALK REPORT)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last nights debate echoed again another 90 minutes of detailed policy position
highlighting most of what has already been said in previous debates between
Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N-Y) and Barack Obama (D-ILL).

There was nothing new to be added that could be said was a knock out punch
by either candidate.

But enough is enough and the debates should end. 20 have been done thus far
and now the voters have to choose.

On the negative side of things a picture of Senator Obama wearing traditional
Somalian dress was published this week, reportedly from someone inside the Clinton Campaign obviously used to smear the candidates image an stir up
fears of extremism post 911 among voters is another cheap shot and shows
the desperation as we wind down to who will be the chosen candidate for the
November Elections.

Things did get a little tense when Clinton was asked, when she would release her tax returns so folks could see how her campaign was being financed. She said, donations were the main source, but she would release them in the near future - nothing firm.

Obama has already turned over his tax returns, so he got a pass on that question. But he was asked if he would be sticking to his pledge for a “publicly financed campaign” if he received the nomination. He didn’t commit one way or the other, and said, if he gets the nomination, he’ll sit down with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and work out what’s “fair” for both candidates.

But juggling words really became important when the Illinois senator was asked about the recent announcement by Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan he supported Obama’s candidacy. Obama said, he “denounced” Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic comments and in no way supports the views of the outspoken Farrakhan.

Clinton echoed in about a similar endorsement she received during her senate race from an anti-Semitic group in New York, citing that she “rejected” their support.

“If Senator Clinton feels that ‘reject’ is stronger than the word ‘denounce,’ then I’m happy to concede the point, and I would reject and denounce” Farrakhan’s support,” Obama said.

Monday, February 25, 2008


The 80th Annual Oscars aired last night with it's usual glitz an glamour. It was hosted
this year by Jon Stewart. Jon hosted the 78th annual event an has been host and executive
producer of Comedy Central's The Daily show with Jon Sewart......
Winners for actor in a supporting role Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men),
visual Effects (The Golden Compass), Animated Feature Film(Ratatouille), Short Film
(Live Action) Le Mozart Dez Pickpockets, Short Film (Animated) Peter & The Wolf,
Costume Design (Elizabeth The Golden Age), Makeup La Vie En Rose, Actress in a
Supporting Role Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton), Documentary Short (freeheld),
Documentary Feature (Taxi To The Dark Side), Art Direction (Sweeney Todd The
Demon Barber Of Fleet Street), Music Score (Atonement), Sound Mixing(The Bourne
Ultimatum), Music Song (once), Sound Editing (The Bourne Ultimatum), Foreign
Language Film (The Counterfeiters), Film Editing (The Bourne Ultimatum),
Cinematography (There Will Be Blood), Actress In A Leading Role (Marion Cotillard
La Vie En Rose), Actor in Leading Role(Daniel Day-Lewis There Will Be Blood),
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) No Country For Old Men, Writing (Original ScreenPlay)
Juno, Directing(No Country For Old Men, Best Picture (No Country For Old Men).
Clearly Obvious in this years event was the absent of Black film Stars except Ruby Dee
who was nominated for her role in American Gangster. For detail coverage go to

Sunday, February 24, 2008


A night of music an honors. The 2008 BET Honors, hosted by Cedric The Entertainer
honoring great achievers in music, education, public service, media was a testament
to Black talent and success in their field of endeavor. The honorees were Janice Bryant
Howard (Entrepreneur) Maxine Waters (Public Service Advocate) Cornel West (Education
Scholar) Alicia Keys (Entertainer Visionary) Richard Parsons (Corporate Citizen Chief)
and Tyra Banks (Media Mogul). Performers for the night were Raheem Devaughn,
Gladys Knight, Brian Night, Jill Scott, Wyclef Jean, John Legend, Ne-Yo and Stevie
Wonder. BET is headed by CEO Debra Lee. For televised times or viewing show go

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


For all you Drifter fans an group buffs out there. Here are a small collection of the
many photo's from a bygone era.....
It has been pointed out before there have been over 50 or more singers who have sang
with The Drifter's some never making it on photo sessions. NOTE: Photo of Billy Ward
and the Dominoes 3rd from top.........Butch Leake

Friday, February 1, 2008


Here we have more classic photo's from the 70s featuring the original
Bell Recording group The Drifter's. In late 1974, Bill Fredrick's resigns to pursue
a solo career. He is to be replaced by Clyde Brown who's vocals are on the
THERE GO'S MY FIRST LOVE ALBUM an later to be featured on lead with
Johnny Moore on the titled track:
YOUR MORE THAN A NUMBER IN MY LITTLE RED BOOK....... Shortly after Grant Kitching's departs and is replaced by Billy Lewis........

Monday, January 28, 2008


Hello Butch, Hi there....
What is happening on the on going saga with The Drifter's.
There is a current battle posturing for march this year in The British High Court
over the Trademark rights between Treadwell Drifter's and The Drifter's UK Ltd.
It seems that The Drifter's UK Ltd., who for a period of time was Treadwell UK
representative sort the rights to ownership of the mark after the original management
left the country. For me it's another sad chapter to the on going Drifter story that
shouldn't be happening. It's a replay of the same madness that took place in the
United States with other pirates who sort ownership of the lucrative mark.....
and the cloning of the many would be Drifter groups into the market place that
never were with the official Drifter family. Let me clarify what I'm saying here....
Many argue the pros an cons of what group was original and who were the
imposter's. We can never deny the first incarnation with Clyde Mcphatter,
Bill Pickney, and the Thrasher brothers. But The Drifter's hit records came over
many years with other members involved and so there were five to six groups
over that period of time who were significant as far as records, film, television
books etc. The seventies group came on the heels of the Atlantic Record era at
a time when the group had faded out of the limelight as an old oldies but goody
Butch... how long were you with the Bell Record group?
Contrary to what has been distorted in the so called family tree listing you
find on the contesting websites and books published. I joined The Drifter's in
early 1970, replacing then Rick Sheppard and i resigned on Christmas of 1975.
I am the last member of that transatlantic group that is alive. One interesting
factor I'm a member who has never sort to form a New Drifter's group and has
always believed if ones own name is cultivated right it would carry on in the Drifter's
tradition......For one thing i realized long ago once a Drifter always a Drifter in
one way or the other as my name and likeness continues to be promoted through
the media. In that i will always be a significant player in the groups history no matter
who tries to play that down......I'm here to stay and they better know that.
Now on the trademark issue I would hope The British High Court would take
the high road an not award the mark to anyone but take into consideration the artist
who contributed to the is they who would be the big looser along with
the many fans who have supported the act and it's members over the years.
Treadwell in any respect has the distinction of controlling the revenue that has
come in for Drifter music over the years through it's companies Drifter's Inc. and
Treadwell Original Drifter's LLC.
Butch....Do you have any new career moves in the wings?
Yes I do... I'm currently researching for new material this year for a new CD an concept
for music video. Also i will be looking for a good production staff to work along
with my company and rehearsing a new show.........
Butch keep us informed on your moves this year, we will be looking forward to
hearing from you soon. (CORNER TALK)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


The Drifter's were one of the most photographed groups through out the 70s.
Here we present some of the many classic photographs from the period for our loyal fans........
This is also a picture portal for the new fans who never saw the original lineup as they were during the 70s era.....