Thursday, January 15, 2009


When will it end? Thats the question everyone is asking in this 20th day of of fighting
between the warring factions, Israel and Hamas. Both parties in this conflict have ignored
demands from senior goverment officials to stop the fighting, as the civilian casualities continue to rise...

Gaza continues to burn as Israel comes under scrutiny for using white phosphorus weapons
in this war which are forbidden when there is a condensed civilian population as in gaza.

These sort of weapons were used in Vietnam by US personel with devastating results
and are questionable when civilian population is at risk.

In this current middle east conflict, Israel has a right to defend it self as a nation of people
who are under attack by it's adversaries, but the underline issue here is the measurement
of her responce to the aggression and does it meet criterior under international law.

The Israel/Palestinian problems are age old. Israel is an occupying force and has been
over the pass forty years or more.

Anyone who knows the history of the region will agree to that...but as usual the facts
of history are pushed under the rug and revised to suit the current status of todays
political agendas.

The middle east issues will never truly be settled until the real historical question are


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