Thursday, October 29, 2009


Poetic Brilliant Fantastic... There are so many ways you can describe this film.

One thing for sure the world has missed out on one helluva concert.

Michael Jackson has raised the bar to levels in this film that is an inspiration and a
challenge to any striving artist who really wants to be great in this business of music.

From the out set you see a man who is totally in control of what he wants to do an see in
what was to be his come back and final concert appearance.

The first concert rehearsal movie ever, filmed on the stage at the O2 Arena in London is fill with performers, musicians, choreographers, crew members and craftsmen, but the movie's focus throughout is on Jackson.

You understand what it takes to attain such dizzying heights in entertainment.

Michael the genius as he is chisels an carves away in his search for this beautiful
concert surrounded with the theme of love. (SURELY A MASTERPIECE IN THE MAKING)

There are split scenes where Michael is performing in different out fits to the same song.

In front of a Sony green screen 11 male dancer are transformed into 11million.

Michael in another scene in the movie during his performance of the song "Smooth
Criminal" is shot in black & white in a gangster roll with the late actors
Susan Haywood, Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart.

Kenny Ortega the director of the stage show, has put together this movie from 120 hours of digital video footage -- for which Sony reportedly paid $60 million.

Following Tuesdays premieres, the film has opened on more than 3,400 domestic screens along with 96 in Imax theaters and another 27 internationally for a two-week run. That run will be extended if demand is there.

This is a must see film if you are a Jackson fan. A fine tribute to a man much misunderstood.


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