Thursday, December 10, 2009


December 2oo9 is soon to close. God be willing that we all have a wonderful,
healthy and prosperous New Year to come.

I hope that the world community will take time out to reflect on the greater
purpose of life as we know it an learn to understand each other a little
better than we currently do.

Heres to the hope that we learn to be more tolerant to others who are
different in there ways, means & cultures.

We were all set upon this world with Equality an Love. But it is man kind
which chooses the en-equalities an hatred that pollute our very existence.

It is written "Blessed Be The Peace Makers" they will be the children of God.

That peace must be cultivated in oneself, so please my world family reflect
with your inner heart for the profound understanding.

A gift waiting for the taken. A gift for you from the father of all of us.....

Lets pray that our leaders gain the wisdom an the right understanding in
in the policies that they mandate.

In ending war we must learn to end the war that's in our hearts. That's where
the Jihad or the real holy war is seated.

Oh! lets not forget to be respectful in what we do within our personal family structures
and local communities which is the backbone of what translates on the world stage......

Lets all come together an sing a song of Love & Peace...Butch Leake