Friday, September 28, 2012

The Drifters Legends Club House

The Drifters Legends Club House is currently an open group.
You may post relative info, questions, thoughts, ideas, pictures
and discussions etc. relating to The Drifters and The Drifters Legends.

Please be kind but be frank in your enquires... Feel free to
recommend people who you feel are interested in participating
in the group.

They will have to be approved but for the most part we will not
bar anyone from taken part in our discussions.

This is an historical group site dedicated to the body of work that
has been left and the men who came through the rank of the
brand during the different periods of it's tumultuous history.

The Drifters as a brand is currently heading towards it's
65 Anniversary in 2013 and we will love to share with you all
the great history that is attached to this group and organizations.

At the Drifters Legends Club house we have profound historians
who for the most part can tell you anything you like to know that
is Drifter related. Passion loving fans who in there own right
carry a treasure trove of information which they love to share with
anyone who is a Drifter Legend fan or casual enquirers.

Then there is The Drifters Legends themselves who will drop by
and answer anything that you might want to know.

Further you can tune in to all updates on what going on with the
Drifters Legends and the brands organization.

Yes for continued up dates on all matters, just log in here at
Corner Talk Report.......Butch Leake

For the Drifters Legends Club House log in to the link below....


Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles Bell/Arista Years

Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles
For those who doubt the importance of the British songs that were written
and performed by the Bell/Arista Drifters. The Guinness book of British Hit
Singles seals the fact that The Drifters Brand continued to record and perform
great songs long after the Atlantic Record period.

By the end of the 60s Atlantic had long ceased to promote the group except
for earlier songs which continued to be packaged and released through various
media outlets.

In 1972, The Drifters Brand moved to a new recording home in Great Britain
Bell Records.

The Brand signed on to Greenway Music under the prolific writing team of
Roger Greenway, Roger Cook, Tony McCauley and Barry mason and turned
out a number of hits which propelled the group back into the charts
throughout the rest of the 70's and 80's.

This was also termed the 3rd Golden era of the Drifters music making history.

This history making lineup was now headed by veteran Drifter Johnny Moore,
Bill Fredricks, Butch Leake and Grant Kitchings and later from the mid 70's
new additions to the lineup Joe Blunt and Clyde Brown all who are the voices
you hear on the great songs of that period.

Today The Legacy, The Music are preserved through the surviving members
of that period Butch Leake, Joe Blunt and Clyde Brown who are The Drifters Legends and the current Drifters lineup for this day and time.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Drifter Wars/A Reality Check

There would be those who Deni the credibility of the "Drifters
Legends" as just another pirate or fraudulent group like many
who claim to be the only legitimate group yet have no original
members or do but are in denial of the real history of the brand.

It amazes me all those out there who just don't get it that the
Drifters is a brand name and further has never been owned by
any of it's vocal singing members.

It's astonishing that with the hundreds of Drifters recordings
that any segment of the Drifter family members that anyone of
them think that the Drifters began with them and ended with
their era.

The truth is you need a reality check! you can claim and rightfully so
that you performed on A to Z recordings under the Drifters
brand and performed within the lineup during a particular
period in it's history but you can never claim rightful ownership
in the brand name and that's a fact.

Many of you tried and look what it got you, absolutely nothing.

Yes and you know who you are that have Drifter groups out there
and continue to degrade the brand and hood wink the public
weather a former official member or some wannabe who never has
or ever will be part of this unique organization.

For those who promote there favorite Drifter! Agent, Writer,
Radio Station etc. The scenario is I wonder who you will promote
after their demise since many members unfortunately move on to
higher life.

Extraordinary the misinformation and distortions which continue to surface
after so many years.

This is why the need to continue to set the record straight and
untangle the mess that has been going on for so many years and
this is what the "Drifters Legends" is truly all about.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Butch Leake /On The Campaign Trail

Butch with campaign organizers and volunteers at Campaign headquarters Philadelphia PA. 

Philadelphia PA Sept 23rd 2012
C.T.R. Update!
Drifters Legend Butch Leake was back on the campaign trail with the
committee to reelect the president.

 The push is on he says to get more people registered before deadline
 sometime around the 9th of October.

At that time things will change over to getting the vote out for the
November elections.......

Butch with dearest friend Melissa Magal far left and Kimberly Conway Chief Campaign Organizer at Obama headquarters Philadelphia PA.
Butch Leake on the campaign trail / Obama campaign headquarters Philadelphia PA. 
Butch hear with friend Melissa Magal at Obama Headquarters Philadelphia PA. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Drifters Legend/Campaigning For Obama....

                                        Center Butch Leake with campaign officials

C.T.R. update! This week Drifters Legend Butch Leake will be
in Philadelphia continuing his support for the reelection of the

Earlier this summer he spent much of his time in Pennsylvania
canvassing the townships to get out and vote and pointing
out the importance in having proper identification which has
been a problem among the poorer voting population....

In his own words he says it's great to get out among other people
in the country to here there views as far as where they think the
country is headed. People are concerned what life is going to
be like for them and their families in the future.

Yes jobs are a critical issue in this campaign and we gave the
last president 8 years to get us in the mess we are in, then we
should give this current president 8 years to try and fix it all! It's
the least we can do......