Saturday, July 25, 2009


What a great leader we have here in these United States.....

What more can be said about a president who has the courage an the humbleness
to admit when he has made a mistake an except full responsibility for what ever
actions he has taken.

This is a far cry from the days of former president an politicians who for nothing
else remain in self denial about most of there action....

President Barack Obama has shown once again that he is a president for the
people an by the people over a resent statement made seemingly maligning the
Cambridge Police department in there arrest of Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates.

It's sad that critics who have nothing else to do but try an prolong an issue that
parties envolved are trying to get behind them....

Issues of race like the issue of guns in the United States will for ever raise it's
ugly head.

Yes things do get out of hand, so the nature of a country who's very existence
has been embroiled in these kinds of things since it's birth......

For to long in this country, race issues have just been tucked away in the
closet with know one standing up with the courage in tackling this scourge.

So what it being a local issue an the President of the United States weighing in
even though choosing his words in an uncalibrated way, still shows that we are
all part of this united family here an it will take all of us to sort out the worst of
of our problems.

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