Saturday, July 11, 2009


What ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? If that was ever really
the case here in the United States..

With Rep. Peter Kings recent recent tirade against the late Michael Jackson, on
the day which was for the most part a sad an somber event for many people
on the planet.

We are reminded that the so called ideals of this country in many ways are just
a shame....

Politicians will go at any length to raise there political agendas.

The dead can't defend themselves, but you can be sure the living can....

The voice of the people will root you out Mr King and all of those who think
like you.....

What is it when we take some ones death to increase our own media coverage.

For all the good things this young man has done around the world are we to
forget it as if it never happened.....

If one was to say you are a bigot, would be unfair if there was know proof to
the so called allegation....

The same in the OJ Simpson case one was guilty before proven of any fact.

One has the right to his or her own opinion but theres a thing which we call being
tactful. Or some might say politically correct.....

Just remember you reap what you sow in this world of cause an effect. (NEVER FORGET THAT)


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