Monday, March 24, 2014

The Drifter Wars/ Signifcant Perspective

There is much thrown around on who is significant and who is not significant as far as contributions to the legacy of the Drifters. It is very sad to me that such information doesn't have a more balancing approach by those who for whatever reason have a claim to it's history. As I look around the web and explore sites by managers promoters artist and a host of others who are currently at the moment cashing in on what I call a Drifter cottage industry. There is just no incite on the fact that what ever legitimate roll one played in the legacy it had a important place in the overall history of the brand.                                                               Yes you had your significant lead singers or what you might call front men but there were just as many behind the scenes or side personal that made the whole thing work and become what history celebrates today. For the most part the artist that you celebrate today were used and abused by these same so called people who have the Gaul to dictate who they want to say is significant and not but in the end just feed their pockets on this cottage industry. History should take an honest and even approach to the truth and is for that reason I myself must stay vigilant on the matters at hand. At the moment there are battles being fort on both sides of the Atlantic by self serving parties and those of us in the middle of things are quietly watching all of the madness unfold. So who's who? Well as far as the Golden eras are concerned as I have reported in the past there are three. The Clyde McPhatter, The Ben E. King and The Bell/Arista era and know matter what era you subscribe to, they all had there importance in maintaining the continued legacy of the brand. Hopefully in the future there will be a forth golden age of Drifters but that will only come if there is the music to go along with it. That has yet to be produced. Yet currently the legitimate group that is performing today is also carrying on the legacy like all of those before it and we here at D Legends extend our blessing to them. Don't misunderstand though many of the members from all eras have passed on and there are those of us who are still alive and have not retired from what we love and do best and that's perform and entertain. We here at D Legends will claim our part of the history and that's Bell/Arista just as everyone else weather it's the 60s group org., The Original Drifters org. The Treadwell Org. or any other so call Drifter wannabes out there. The difference is historically we are very even in reporting the truth and the whole truth in giving everyone their props as far as the legacy is concerned. The name you can have and play around and fight with as you have all done over the years which has greatly damaged the brand but the history is not owned by any one org. but we will tell it's in any medium that is appropriate to keep the facts straight.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Sabotage of Black America

This video should be view by all young folks of this generation and reflect on all that do and
get caught up in. This is real and no joke. A conspiracy?  you be the judge! live and learn.......


U.A.E Child Jocky and Slavery

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