Monday, October 12, 2009


Once again the ugly side of politics in America raises it's hand as critics and hawks
spit there venom against the President Of The United States.

In the latest round of Obama bashing, the Haters have taken aim at his recent
Nobel Peace Award.

There is nothing this man can do, say or just happen to be part of that isn't
up for stone throwing.

Truth is truth the haters do not want the president to win anything that has
peace attached to it while we are in the middle of a war in Afghanistan.
Particularly when the generals want 40,000 troops or more as generals always want.

Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) head of the intelligence Committee, said the US
would be in "Serious jeopardy" of losing the war if Obama failed to meet the
request of Gen Stanley McCrystal for major troop buildup to the current level
of 67,000 men.

On the other end in London, Secretary of State Clinton slammed the Bush Administration
conduct of the Afghan war in defending Obama's lengthy decision-making process.

During the Vietnam war Gen. William Westmoreland wanted 100,000 more troops
from Lyndon Johnson until he finally said know but he kept pushing for the troop
buildup which he called 550,000 the "minimum essential force" and 670,000 the "optimum".

Westmoreland said he could finish the job in three years, well history has already
answered that issue.

Now the Nobel Peace Prize has become more trivial because the rest of the world
feels he deserves it.

He didn't ask for it, an the many more problems that it brings to his table.

Oh! what about the president of the world, he didn't ask for that either.

The other guy before him wanted that.

Well now where are these troops to come from with our military over stretched
as it is. There is something called the draft an you know, you haters it will be your
sons and daughters who will fill some of those ranks. We will see how you like that.


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