Monday, May 3, 2010


We are living in dangerous times as Saturdays potential bomb scare
reinforced in our minds.

Americas cities with no exceptions are potential targets for growing
terror tactic.

Crude in it's design, the car bomb place in the busy Times Square
area Saturday evening had the potential to kill dozens if not more innocent

A stark reminder that we are not exempt from this kind of murder and
mayhem which we see in other parts of the world.

Security services have reported preliminary signs suggested that this was
not part of any Al Qaeda or other known terrorist organization operating
in our backyard, yet that possibility could become a reality.

Currently a man hunt is going on for the driver of the SUV parked in the
mid Times Square area.

The question has become for many has the day of the car bomb or the suicide
bomber reached our shores.

Butch Leake for...... (CORNER TALK REPORT)