Friday, March 13, 2009


Soon to be posted, a new website "The Legacy Of The 70s" dedicated to the history of
the Original Bell Recording Group The Drifters authored by Butch Leake soul surviving
member of the original lineup. The group pass, present and future has been an on going
story with much controversy, yet one of the most interesting subjects in the history
of musical entertainment. The current lineup under the guidance of PMG entertainment
England is the latest in official Drifter lineups spawned by the Treadwell music family, the
owner of the service and trade name. Why the Legacy Of The 70s? The 70s was a pivotal
point in the revival of the act which went into decline towards the end of the 60s. It was
in the early 70s, which happened to be the third golden era that management signed with
the Bell Arista group which produce a series of hit songs which topped the British an
European music charts during this period. Drifter fans world wide huddle on social sites
on the internet and discuss stories about there favorite Drifter lineup. The attempt here
is just to create a down to earth link to authentic Drifter Histology, hosting interviews,
comments and data on this great music dynasty.


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