Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Drifters & Drifters Legends out on the Road/Musical Rebound

Having to struggle with much of the politics connected with  music industry The Drifters Legends are still in dialog  with industry sources in bringing the live show to the Las Vegas stage.

Most of the issues are surrounding all of the  bogus  Drifter acts that still seem to pop up here and there. The Legends were created out of the need to set the record straight on who the recording members of the Legendary outfit are.

The other day someone asked me why is it that I see everyone else performing
and doing what you guys made Legendary? surely they are not better! 
"I could only say you are absolu.tely right"

Even thoug the Legend will be comprised out of key personnel out of the
recording years all of which recorded on some of the Drifters greatest hits.

One or two of the legitimate recording members will continue to perform
with there own act but in most cases in violation of the trademark
which is still owned by Treadwell and licensed worldwide by PMG
Prism Music Group UK .                            

In the meantime as many of you know we are celebrating once again rising in the chart with many of the songs from both the Atlantic and Bell/Arista years going Gold. Myself and some of the other Legends will be heading to England to receive industry plaques in honor of this occasion.

For more info you may go to the Butch Leake page over on facebook......Enjoy