Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unusual Funeral/Wolf Johnson McCoy

Well for those of you who were wolf Johnson fans!
This was his send off in part in Dallas Texas 2012.

The hold of this very strange funeral down in Dallas Texas
was televised on TLC last night here in NY.

Wolf was know to have did a commercial for Baby Back Ribs,
and keeping with that theme his funeral was staged with his
body in a Bar BQ Pit which can be seen carried by the Pallbearers.

To make it more strange pigs were allow to run around inside
where the services were being held.

It was noted in the special that he formally sang with the Drifters
but  let me straighten that for you folks that this is a bit of
misinformation. Mr. Johnson never sang with any of the officially
sanctioned Drifters.

But was know to perform with a number of the unsanctioned
groups that were in the market place.


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