Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Drifters Legends Clubhouse

The Drifters Legends Clubhouse is currently and open group.
You may post relative info, thoughts, questions, Ideas, Pictures
and discussions etc. relating to The Drifters and Drifters Legends.

Please be kind but be frank in your inquires. Feel free to
to recommend people who you think may be interested in
participating in the group. They will have to be approved but for
the most part we will not bar anyone.

This is an historical group site dedicated to the body of work
that has been left and the men who came through the ranks of
the brand during different periods of it's tumultuous history.

Trademark, Trade names, company names, photography's
or product names mentioned herein are used for identification
only and may be the property of their respective owners.
All Rights Reserved......

Throughout the years their have been other groups which have
been formed to honor and discuss the history of this unique
organization but for the most part seem very bland and
and quite misinformed on all the facts related. You also
found much segregation within it's structure as most attention
was paid to only a chosen group of their liking and not to
the reality that The Drifters was more than just the Group
that came about in the early 50s 60s or 70s.

Much of what we discuss is all a matter of historical and
legal record which with a little effort one may ascertain
answer's to. Yes their are issue and matters here which only
can be known by insiders in the given periods but feel free to
ask and we will do our best to answer them for you. We have
access to number very astute historians and legal professionals
who are current members of this site and make up some of the
fan base their in.
There is also a research staff headed by myself......

For continued information on the Drifters Legends log in
here at Corner Talk Report. or link into The Drifters Legends
You can also find other related information over at the official Drifters


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