Monday, January 28, 2013

Tales From The Drifter Diaries/The Bus Tours

Where did you Drifters get this new boy? You need to send him back
from wherever he came from.
These are the words coming from the wolves being beat by the lamb
on a payday on one of the many bus tours that the Drifters participated
during the earl 70s. During those years the tour bus shows were a
popular form of marketing the acts here in the US. On any given show
you might find five or six acts being billed. Life on the road during the
great bus tour particularly for me was quite an experience as I was
able to sit down and get close to some of the greatest entertainers
that for sure I Idolize in my early exposure to the business.
Groups like Little Anthony and The Imperials who for sure are one
of the most contemporary acts from out of the period still going Strong
today. The Shirelle's my dream girl group, Ruby and The Romantics,
The Platters and Coasters just to name a few who were at that time
the show in show business. Never mind I could kick there butts when
it came to gambling, which was my claim to fame coming off the
streets of New York. Over all the bus tours were great fun and
a good time for hanging with genuine friends when I was not taken
the pay checks during a playing card session or shooting dice.
"Mo" used to say.. Oh! that was Johnny Moors nick name in the group,
I will kick your ass dirty red (that's what called me) if you decide to play
some Gin Rummy. That he did! could never beat him at that game.
When it came to bowling he was the ultimate champ.
Rolling into a new town had all of it's normal trappings of autograph
seeking fans, hustlers and groupies alike. You even had those
who would follow the bus from town to town just so as to be able
to hangout with the entertainers. Singing, Drinking, joke telling
Those rolling bus tours was a great time for merriment.
Next! The Vegas Years........

Photo /taken At Madison Square Garden N.Y.C. Circa Early 1970 Richard Nader Tour

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