Friday, January 11, 2013

The Drifter Wars/On The Trail Of The Illusive group

In any given day across the country or for a fact across the world
you will find a Drifters group performing somewhere weather it's
a town , city, cabaret club, theater. college etc.

The legendary group over the years for the most part has turned into
a cottage industry with many claiming some sort of ties or affiliation.

It has been the source for many a lively hood and a means to gain
some sort of recognition in a business which would have never paid
any attention to them in the general since of the word.

This proliferation of Drifter acts has been somewhat mind boggling
to say the least for those who never had a chance to see the original
acts at work or has it?

The songs in most cases has been the staying power or glue that seems
to keep the magic of this legendary organization alive and it could at
some juncture in the future, that all you might see is virtual Drifter acts
performing which one can pull up at the push of a button on there

Recently one former member of the Drifters who sang with the group
in the latter 60s found out for years his name was being used to head
a Drifters group in Australia. Know one there new the difference.

Today there are a whole new generation of fans who listen to the songs
and care the least who originally performed them, much like kids in
early generations claimed the dances and clothing styles not knowing
there was nothing new under the sun but repackaged ideas.

Back on the trail of this illusive group one asked the question am I
getting the real article or some phony wannabe act. Yet there are
some good tribute acts out there and many of these outfits fill the
the very illusion that we are talking about.

One thing for sure after all the real Legends of the Drifters are
gone and know longer with us agents, promoters and managers the like
will be selling some sort of Drifters act to the public fueling
the mystique surrounding this profitable industry.


For info on the Drifters Legends log into the link below
The Drifters Legends Clubhouse......

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