Friday, March 21, 2008


Can we just believe the recent invasion of Obama's passport file
is just the antic's of some curios contract employee or is there something
else going on here.

In 1991 the then-Gov. Bill Clinton’s passport file was compromised while he
waged a campaign for the White House against President George H. Bush.

The state Dept. announced that Mr. Obama's passport file had been
accessed three times over the pass 3 month by curious contract

The first breach, being reported took place on Jan 8, shortly after Obama
defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N--.Y.) in the Iowa Caucus.
Again it was tapped on Feb. 21, and again on March 14.

The Obama camp is demanding to know who opened Mr. Obama's
file and to get to the bottom of who is responsible for this outrageous
breach of security and privacy. But a senior State Department official
continues to echo there was no political or malicious intent.
just the antics of the "curious".

This latest new comes on the heels O Mr. Obama's historic speech
on race in America which received 1.6 million clicks over on the youtube

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