Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Whats the matter with these people? It's seems to disturb them when someone comes along an has the intelligence that the Senator from Illinois displays. For he's one of the or the brightest that has come out of there Ivy League schools, but because he is black they want to tear him down...

It only points to the closet racism that still prevails in this country. Yes sexism exist an will continue to exist, but know one has to remind people of color the position they have had to endure since the birth of the country....

The former congress woman Geraldine Ferraro an one time vice presidential hopeful needs to climb back into a hole and get a life after her verbal remarks, and should have know room
in the current political agenda.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand needs to sort out her house if she wants to stay in this race with some dignity. All should be held to the same standard........(CORNER TALK REPORT)

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