Tuesday, May 20, 2008


President Bush recent tirade in the Israel knesset on the states 60 birthday
just shows the administrations continued flawed an deceptive policies.

Everyone knows this is nothing more then political theater played out by
a president who has fallen even lower in the ratings than Nixon during

His recent attack on Sen. Obama on his willingness to have dialog with countries
that the current administration deem as enemies of the United States is a continuation
of the scare tactics which this president has used since the beginning of the Iraq war.

Israel has admitted it self that it has back door dialog with organization such as Hamas
an Hezbollah in seeking release of prisoners held by these groups and conducted these
kind of talks for years.

This only shows the reality of Middle East politics as it really is and not what the
rhetoric of what the Bush administration is trying to project to the American public.

Presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain is echoing nothing more than the same old scare
tactics with his continuation of the Bush policy as we move towards the November
national elections for the President of the United States. (CORNER TALK REPORT)

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