Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The Democratic party made history last night with the first African American nominee
for President of the United States.

Senator Barack Obama won out over Senator Hillary Clinton in delegates to clinch
the nomination. But as always Clinton refused to concede and maintained her defiance
while exploring a future strategy.

Some say she will try an use her political savvy as a bargaining tool for the Vice President
position on the ticket.....

It may be a little to late as this bitter battle winds down as bridges are not that easy
to fix owing to the ferocity that this campaign has taken.

Could they work together an be comfortable? that would be something that would
have to be explored. Then there is the Bill Clinton factor, baggage which might turn
out to be a bad liability owing to his shoot from the hip tirades....

Obama will have an up hill battle as he seeks to mend the unity of the
party that has been fractured over the coarse of the primaries.

Last nights primaries were split with Hillary Clinton winning South Dakota and Obama
taken Montana which gave him enough of the delegates to win the nomination.

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