Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has managed a come back with wins in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas Primaries. Slowing down the the momentum of Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill).
Both contenders still fall short of the 2,025 delegates needed to secure the parties nomination for the run to the White House in November with Obama
leading in delegates 1,451 to Clintons 1,365.

Obama did well among African- American voters, young folks and the well educated. But he didn’t win over enough Latino voters in Texas or older voters in Ohio. Clinton trumped him by getting more late deciders in both states.

The real measurement last night ... was not whether Hillary Clinton could win Ohio or Texas," said Sen. John Kerry, an Obama supporter. "It's whether she wins by a large enough margin to win the nomination. She has to win by a very big number for the math to work over the course of the next week."

'Texas Two-Step'

Texas' results may not be as easy to measure as counting votes, either.

In what pundits have been calling the "Texas Two-Step," the state's Democratic Party hosts both a primary election, in which 126 delegates are awarded, and a post-election caucus in which another 67 are handed out.

It's possible for the loser of the primary to win more delegates with a strong showing in the caucuses.

In the Republican camp Senator John McCain (R-ARIZ) seals the GOP nod for
nomination Huckabee drops out of the race.......(CORNER TALK REPORT)

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