Friday, April 25, 2008

SPOTLIGHT ON THE 70s/Interview with Butch Leake

Why the 70s? In my opinion was one of the great periods for music which
inspired the heart an soul. The songs that were written had great substance non
like to days music which consist of beats with no solid story line...

They are not producing any great songwriters like yesteryear. We were very fortunate
back then to have songwriters like Roger Greenway who in my opinion is one of the
best writers who came out of the period...

God only knows where the Drifters would have been if it wasn't for the Greenway
writing team. Greenway was a big fan of the Drifters. So a marriage was made in heaven
teaming up with Greenway Productions......

You might say I personally became a Greenway fan as far as the songs go....
So this is why I chose to cover some of those great songs which the group recorded.

You might ask do I have issues about the politics of that time, the answer to that is yes,
but I will stop short of being bitter. Those matters will be addressed most likely in time.

At this time life moves on, an yes I'm in control and prepared to deal with what ever
challenges come my way. So all of those out there who have any negative plans read
this line again......

Will you be returning to great Britain? Most definitely, England is like home to me
I lived there for many years. My former wife is buried there, an if for only that reason
I will visit.

I will be going there to lay the ground work for returning to the stage after completing
entertaining matters here in the US.

What of the the new Treadwell Drifter group over there now. Well! They do what they
do I do what i have to do.... Remember I am the only original member out of the Bell
Record group who is alive. Know one can erase that fact.

The rest of the members were replacements.........

In any respect I'm not trying to be the Drifters or a tribute act. The reality once a
Drifter the stigma is forever attached to you........ (CORNER TALK REPORT)

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