Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Drifter Wars/Loyalties & Priorities

Now that the new year is upon us and we approach 2013
the specter of the future is a never ending question which
haunts our thoughts.That is where is my future going and
who are the key players that impact the decisions that one
It seems for me at least my loyalties and the priorities that
I have set for myself are coming under constant
bombardment from outside forces on various levels of my
daily life.

Which bring me to the professional side of my life which
for the most part has been tied up with the Drifters org,
in one way or the other.

Recently the question was asked what ever happened to
The Drifters Legends? The person who was inquiring
was making reference to all the fanfare that was made
about forth coming tours both here and abroad.

It was pointed out that not much of anything is heard
about you guys anymore and what there is, is old hat so
to speak.

Well the individual is right and there hasn't been much of
anything going on with the legends for quite sometime now.
I pointed out that many of the original ideas relating to the
legends had been abandoned. Much due to conflict of
interest. There are loyalties and priorities on all sides of
the fence.

Lets be clear for those who want to know where I stand
on all of this. I've been committed too the preservation
of the history of this organization and to the members who
truly made the Drifters what it is today and hopefully for
what ever it is tomorrow. Though The Drifters is a brand
name and it has been since conception in reality I don't
except it as being bigger than it's members as for the 
most part it was used over the years as a tool for
cruel exploitation. Further my commitment is to the era in
which I had my tenure with the group and the members
who have passed on and who are alive today with me.
No one will supplant that fact now or in the future.
Our legacy will go on and our story will continue
to unfold here and abroad.

The Bell/Arista period was unique in the  history
of the Drifters Organization as it became the Resurrections
for the brand after it's demise towards
the end of the 60s and it is noted as being the 3rd Golden
period in the organizations history.

Like the Clyde McPhatter and the Ben E. King era we
had our songs which were uniquely tailored to the
Bell/Arista group of Drifters. That is the men of that
era Johnny Moore, Butch Leake, Grant Kitchings,
Bill Fredricks, Clyde Brown and Joe Blunt.

Make know mistake who were the pioneers of
that period.

Right/ Joe Blunt

Right/ Clyde Brown


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