Monday, November 19, 2012

The Drifter Wars/Internal Conflict

A sign of internal conflict! You be the Judge.
Drifters Legend Bobby Hendricks performs on the regular here
in the United States as a number of other Drifter groups,
Charlie Thomas Drifters, Pickneys Original Drifters, Rick
Sheppards Drifters and a host of other wannabe acts who poach
off the name.

Hendricks Drifters though according to posted claims has a legal
license from the Treadwell estate to do so. Now in the UK there
is PMG Music UK and as last reported holds the worldwide
license right to The Drifters service mark and currently manages
the only licensed Drifters group.

Yet non of the above US acts except Pinckneys Original Driftes holds
a distinctive service mark filed at the United States Patent &
Trademark Office in Washington DC.

Their are those out there who say Charlie Thomas won his right
against Treadwell to use The Drifter name but there is know data
at least immediately visible except the fact for the most part
Charlie is given grace because he is one of the last surviving
members from the latter 50s/60s lineup and is well liked.

He did win a royalty case against Treadwell in the earlier years.

Charlies service mark was abandoned back around 2006 after
proof it was obtained fraudulently during the Treadwell vs
Marshak legal case.

Yes there is the Truth in music legislation which says that there
has to be at least one original member in the act, group etc. to
make it legit but that document was very loosely drawn up as
both Pinkneys Drifters and Herb Reeds Platters who that bill
for the most part was drawn around don't have any original
members at this time but still perform on a regular basis here
in the US.

Hendricks in fact was licensed at one period under Treadwell
during the time when Luderman & Company were active with
a former Treadwell Drifter group in the UK which went sour
and ended up in litigation in the British High Courts.
Writs were filed in 2006 at the High Court in London and in
2008 Treadwell and PMG won there case for control over
The Drifters name.

Weather Hendricks has a license or not it remains to be seen
if there will ever be an end to the controversy around who's
who in The Drifter Wars.


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