Monday, November 26, 2012

The Drifter Wars/Blurred Perspectives

I know at this point there are some people who are not resting
very well in there graves.

As we race into the 60th anniversary in 2013, The Drifters as
a whole is one of the most imitated acts in the music industry.

What has happened to say the least is mind boggling as the
proliferation of bogus groups so called tribute acts and
every other hybrid copy cat organization competes for identity
and recognition.

The official line that is Drifter management and owners seem
to have know control over this situation as it gets more out
of hand as each year passes by.

A most sophisticated form of identity theft has taken place
here and it seems as if there is no solution to this problem.

In fact we are dealing with such blurred perspectives that
the  official line doesn't matter any more to many out in the
market place. That is to include segments of the public
who may have never seen the original members or
weren't around during the golden eras.

The fact that the official line for many doesn't have any
original recording members plays into much of the
strategy of these organizations. Mean while there
are original recording members who are out there
on the sidelines watching all of this madness take place.

It is interesting some of these groups are quite good so
to speak and boast in many ways they are better than
the official line and even that of the originals.

They all make the claim such as the above act who
go under the name the Ultimate Drifters that there  are
no more recording Drifters around! (Of cost we know
better) and that after Johnny Moore's demise that
was the end of the Drifters as we knew them.

With all that the position that is taken now we have a
license to bite off the service mark in a very sophisticated
and legal way which by the way deprives the public of
facts relating to the real history of the organization which
can only be told by the real members who know the facts,
the historians who have traveled with the official Drifter
lineups over the years and the official line management.

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