Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Drifter Wars/Insensitive Encounter

For the most part The Drifters Brand has maintained a sound fan base for at least 6 decades now. Loyal fans are the bedrock of any successful artist, band or entertainment medium and in many cases the fan base can and may reach to cult like levels in expressing their firm commitment to the artist. Though the threat of insensitive encounter looms in many cases unknowingly by fans with management and management personnel. There is also the specter of controversial opinion between fans themselves not knowing that overall, the root of these encounters are somewhat by design through insensitive understanding of the real facts as they play out on the ground by the management itself. In the case of The Drifters Brand management for the most part has ran a tight ship particularly during the earlier years when Treadwell was steering the ship. Yet during The Bell/Arista period the group members had more intercourse with the members of public than what is allowed today. Obvious this comes with it's Pros an Cons as management for the most part is looking at it's bottom line and needs to strike a balance with whom might affect it's outcome. The public plays a very large part in this scenario. Undoubtedly fans come to concerts to see the artist they idolize and are not attentive to the politics which is played out behind the scenes. This stands true in any entertainment medium weather it's stage performers, football or basket ball stars etc. Rightfully so the public is entitled to enjoy themselves at these great media events and pay their hard earned money for a period of relaxation and fun. Yet we all come there for our own reasoning. That is to just sit and watch, some to dance, others to network and meet new people etc. Whatever the reason, it is to for fill our immediate pleasures. Yet in all of this we sometime invade other spaces unintentionally! and here a fine balance must be found so as not to offend anyone. Recently! such a scenario began to to play itself out on the current Drifters facebook page and accordingly as the dialogue indicates management failed to address important issues why fans could not get up and dance at The Drifters concert? Was this insensitive or is this a lack of understanding on the part of management to see the sensitive nature of fan relation with the group they love." You be the judge"

 Diane Lydiate Says! 
After a lovely day, arriving in Blackpool on Saturday to a hotel with a fabulous owner, we were so looking forward to a fantastic night watching the Drifters. Great start to the evening, great music, helpful usherette. We asked if we could get up to dance at the back of the theatre so we didn't disturb the people around us and were told yes, the theatre didn't mind this. So we got up and danced, thoroughly enjoying the music. How surprised were we when the Drifters OWN manger complained that she didn't want us dancing (even though we had asked and been given permission) and so we were told to sit down. We were on a family celebration and had bought 15 tickets. If it had been a play or an opera I could understand, however at a music event by an iconic band, in my opinion it would have been more of an insult to NOT have wanted to dance. As a result the whole event was ruined for us and we left the concert. I really hope the Drifters are aware that their OWN manager is costing them fans and income!! To add insult to injury in the second half (after we had left for being treated so appallingly by a woman (the manger) who didn't even have the decency to speak to us (in fact refused outright) the whole theatre was up and dancing!!! Just to clear up, it wasn't the grand theatres deputy manager who copped out it was the Drifters deputy manager who stood listening to our complaints and then said he only sold programmes!!! I hope fans take this on board!! It is our hard earned money that buys the tickets (£25 a head!) that enables these groups to perform
Lyndsey Wheeler Says! 
I would like to express my disappointment at the fiasco that happened on our recent trip to see the drifters at Blackpool , myself and a party of 15 had booked to see them for my Aunts 60th birthday celebrations. My mother and her sisters where extremely excited to see you and had booked in plenty of advance to see you all. When you came onto stage we where all thrilled as to be perfectly honest you were all amazing , that enjoyable in fact we wanted to dance. To be well mannered we asked the usherette if it was possible to stand at the back to avoid disturbing anyone and was told that it was no problem and it was okay. So off we went and danced and enjoyed the concert .... Or so we thought , after only two songs we were asked to sit down again as it wasn't allowed at YOUR concerts!!!! To say we were disgusted would be an understatement that much so we asked to speak to the manager who then informed us that it was YOUR management who had issued the ultimatum , apparently one person had complained !!! I asked if we could speak to your manager and she refused , i also asked for the gentleman a name who sold merchandise for his name as i fully intend to take this further and he refused and basically sneered at me ( this conversation i have recorded , u are free to listen anytime) after all this we ended leaving the venue whole trip totally ruined!!! Questions i have !!! Is it not allowed to enjoy your music???? Is it not permitted to dance at your performances???? Do your management have such low regard for your fans that they can be treated so appallingly ???? I am sure this post will be removed but i fully intend to take this further !!!

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Prism Music Group Ltd said...

As The Drifters management company, Prism Music Group, we have read your page and feel that we should comment to clear up this matter immediately regarding the comments on The Drifters Facebook.
It would be nice when making a formal report of this nature for the reporter to ask both sides for their comments and relevant information.
We will be happy to discuss this matter with the writer should he contact us for information. As is normal in matters of this kind many parties are contractually involved and damaging corporate reputations is not a very helpful way of trying to give a true picture of events.
As a company we will be more than happy to give you the relevant information if you can be bothered to contact us. We can then give you a clear picture of events rather than you hyping up an ill-founded reputation for The Drifters Brand. We look forward to hearing from you in due course. You can contact us on our numbers and email addresses as listed on The Drifters website
We will not be making any further comments on this page regarding this matter, unless requested by you direct through the above channels.