Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Drifters/Music View

Asking those mom and pops across the globe on which Drifter group is their favorite you might get various opinion depending on the age group and year in which the songs were recorded and heard on public radio. Recently it has been brought to my attention concern over what direction the Drifters brand has taken since the new management has taken over from what use to be Treadwell formula for success of the group. In my opinion today's rendition of the Drifters can never be what was in the bygone eras. There are no longer any great stylus singers like which came out of the early years. Many of the writers of today also lack that gift of what made the writers of yesteryear so great. Drifter voices were unique as many of the voices of the groups of the period with there solid bass, baritone, second and first tenor sound. Today's music and production is very gimmicky. There is a lot of stage management which lends to much robotic movement and unnatural flow in that movement. Now the truth is today's generation only know what they are brought up on. So there is a generation out there that wouldn't have a clue what the original sound was truly all about. Treadwells formula was a winning formula and has been lost in the mix in today's production of the group. A successful formula is what it is! It can be modified but it should never be abandoned. What was truly an American style has been modified with British accents. Though the British flavor has it's own unique style to it. It's not what made this American group.


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