Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No Room For Error

There is know doubt we are in trying times after years now in the Afghan Iraq / war
and now we are seeing potential conflict brewing in Syria, Iran and now the latest Korea.
Much is being throw around by all sides which even at this time is having far reaching
political and economic consequences on the world as a whole.
Is it all possible to live in a world where we are not in constant threat of our neighbors
for one reason or the other.
It is all but natural for the small guy to want to join the bigger club on the block or at
least try to even the playing field.
Yet the question is at what price do we pay for such including or non inclusion
of rogue nations in the Nuclear stable of countries....
Technology advancement is something any smaller nation of people will seek to have
and in the eyes of such, anything less amounts to nothing more than being in slavery
to the bigger power. The Israel Palestine issue is a perfect example of this sort of
feeling that exist between people and will continue as long as basic human rights
that of food, shelter, clothing, education and technological advancement and the general
right to exist is denied..
Much of what we see in the world today particularly that of grievances by smaller nations of
people is the direct result of years of colonization and occupation by bigger foreign
nations. So as the old saying says you reap what you sew....
Much is now coming back to bite us where it hurts.....
There is know room for error in what ever coarse we take to quell the unrest in the family
of nation. For it could lead us down a dark road of destruction unprecedented in today's


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