Friday, April 12, 2013

42 The True Story Of And American Legend/Review

It might not be a home run but 42 is an inspiring tribute to and American
baseball legend.

Written an directed by Brian Helgeland (who wrote “LA Confidential’’) 42

is a reminder for those who are familiar with the period of trials and tribulation
that were endured by the first African American (Jackie Robinson) played by
Chadwick Boseman to enter major league baseball.

Boseman is cast along side Harrison Ford who is great in this character role 

as gruff Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey.

An Idealist and smart businessman Ricky in 1945 senses an opportunity to

make history, as well as a lot of money, by tapping the huge talent pool in
the Negro Leagues during a time when racism was pervasive beyond the
Jim Crow south.

Robinson has to deal with the taunting of his team mates being turned

away from hotels, planes and lynch mobs and even though he shows
exceptional skill during his time in the minors doesn't get him any respect
when he finally joins the Dodgers in 1947.

Several teammates sign a petition demanding his firing, and a bigoted pitcher

hits him in the head with a baseball.

The racial slurs are high when Phillie's Manager Ben Chapman played by 

(Alan Tudyk) unleashes a stream of vile unleashes a stream of vile racist epithets
at Robinson while on the mound waiting for the ball to be pitched.

The film highlights other major connection in his life  including Nicole Beharie as Jackie’s 

strong wife, Rachel; Andre Holland as Robinson's friend and chronicler sportswriter 
Wendell Smith; and Lucas Black as shortstop Pee Wee Reese.

This is a film that has something for everyone weather you are a sport 

enthusiast or not, a biopic that takes in the world and people around it's subject.


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