Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Drifter Wars/A Reality Check

There would be those who Deni the credibility of the "Drifters
Legends" as just another pirate or fraudulent group like many
who claim to be the only legitimate group yet have no original
members or do but are in denial of the real history of the brand.

It amazes me all those out there who just don't get it that the
Drifters is a brand name and further has never been owned by
any of it's vocal singing members.

It's astonishing that with the hundreds of Drifters recordings
that any segment of the Drifter family members that anyone of
them think that the Drifters began with them and ended with
their era.

The truth is you need a reality check! you can claim and rightfully so
that you performed on A to Z recordings under the Drifters
brand and performed within the lineup during a particular
period in it's history but you can never claim rightful ownership
in the brand name and that's a fact.

Many of you tried and look what it got you, absolutely nothing.

Yes and you know who you are that have Drifter groups out there
and continue to degrade the brand and hood wink the public
weather a former official member or some wannabe who never has
or ever will be part of this unique organization.

For those who promote there favorite Drifter! Agent, Writer,
Radio Station etc. The scenario is I wonder who you will promote
after their demise since many members unfortunately move on to
higher life.

Extraordinary the misinformation and distortions which continue to surface
after so many years.

This is why the need to continue to set the record straight and
untangle the mess that has been going on for so many years and
this is what the "Drifters Legends" is truly all about.


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