Monday, September 24, 2012

Butch Leake /On The Campaign Trail

Butch with campaign organizers and volunteers at Campaign headquarters Philadelphia PA. 

Philadelphia PA Sept 23rd 2012
C.T.R. Update!
Drifters Legend Butch Leake was back on the campaign trail with the
committee to reelect the president.

 The push is on he says to get more people registered before deadline
 sometime around the 9th of October.

At that time things will change over to getting the vote out for the
November elections.......

Butch with dearest friend Melissa Magal far left and Kimberly Conway Chief Campaign Organizer at Obama headquarters Philadelphia PA.
Butch Leake on the campaign trail / Obama campaign headquarters Philadelphia PA. 
Butch hear with friend Melissa Magal at Obama Headquarters Philadelphia PA. 

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