Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Drifter Wars/Internal Strife

Internal strife has played a role inside the Drifter camp
for years.

Management for the most part created an atmosphere of
hostility which when you look at it closely helped
maintain a level of control over the organizations
bottom line.

Under the brand hiring, firing became a standard
practice and all members who came through it's ranks
were expendable.

The brand itself was the Drifters, management would
make no bones that they were the Drifters and you were
just a hired employee.

A variance in pay scales was maintained in side the
camp which for the most part kept conflict on going
between it's members to include bonuses where

Equality never stood a chance in the design of the brand
as strife between members for lead spots was a consistent

Though you had legendary lead voices which surfaced over
the years you were never paid what you were truly worth
and members argued for the positions they held or didn't

For the most part all recognition went to the brand
never to individual members and once terminated you were
never to be honored to have been with the act as far as
the management eyes were concerned.

Though on the surface your name and likeness were forever
part of the media in it's sales of product, the illusion
was that you never existed and contracts were designed
for members to sign to try an force this illusion.

These practices have left much bitterness among the members
and continues to do so today, hints the continued divide in
it's ranks.

Mending these problems have been a focus of the new
management today but still pose a difficult and challenging
task to conquer.

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